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26 October 2011 @ 08:45 am
Contest entries  
So, this month I have entered two photo contests. One's already over and HEY I came in second/third! One is still awaiting judging. But as they are all halloween themed I thought I'd get around to showing them off.

First off the one that is done. It was for "The Witch Hunt", and you had to use items that you picked up in a grid wide hunt.

Here are my entries. Two of the prizes where skyboxes so I just used them as my locations while in a sandbox.

Click to see bigger

Khargo – Creepy Halloween Skybox -
Wretched Dollies – Batty Witch Dress
:+:SS:+: Witchy Broomstick Pose Prop
Hair !!CalicoCreations!! Darla

Click to see bigger

Entropy – The Alter Globe
STaTuS Pumpkin Carving Pose Set
A.D.D. Andel - Smushyrooms Set
Wretched Dollies – Batty Witch Dress
Hair !!CalicoCreations!! Darla

The one with the pumpkins won. It came in Second/third, and i put it that way due to the lady in charge confusing herself. On Flickr she said third but in a message to me about my win in world she said second, so she went ahead and gave me the same prize as second.

The one that is awaiting judging is the Bewitched Halloween Photo Contest.

Bewitched used to be Bentham Forest, but then Natalie, owner of one of my favorite places Enchanted, took it over when it almost vanished. So I went in having some idea of what and where I wanted to go. Got them taken yesterday and here they are!

Evil Eyes

Click to see bigger

Outfit *Evie's Closet* Fable - Halloween 2010
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Dalasia
pose NSA zombie popcorn hunt

Fireside Stories

Click to see bigger

[Wishbox] Reveries (Limited Halloween Edition!)
Hair Truth Cate

Burning down the Forest

Click to see bigger

Outfit Chaospire "Autumn Fae" Fantasy
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Hyasynth
Pose (* chanimations - Sorceress "Fire Ritual"

I used no post processing on any of these apart from cropping. Had a lot of fun playing with windlight settings for the Bewitched shots though!

And I really really recommend clicking to see bigger. They look SO much better that way.
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