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30 October 2011 @ 07:14 am
52 weeks of color - Week 52  

Week Fifty Two:


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- Outfit - Les Sucreries de Fairy - Halloween Alice Box SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Agnes 2 - SLURL
Pose - Comes with the outfit SLURL
Sim - Darkness Falls @Pandemonium SLURL

Ah, the last week of this. And Halloween week. So, since the color is Orange I wanted to find a super cute Halloweeny Orange outfit.

And while I forget on WHOSE blog I saw this outfit on, the moment I saw it I knew it was it. Tea, Halloween and Pumpkins?! MINE OH YES MINE!!! I find it so totally over the top whimsical and fun. It's just perfect. And is only 150 so it wont break your pocketbook. Comes with a lot more stuff then I have on as well. The whole store is full of cute fun outfits like this. With lots in Kids sizes.

Ok, enough pimping a store I just found out about. Onto the place I went for this weeks exploration.

In keeping with the Halloween them I went to several spooky places till I found one I felt worked. I chose Darkness Falls @Pandemonium from the destination guide.

TPed in and after things Rezed I looked around. Hrmm..this place looks vaguely familiar. Then I notice the sim name. OH, it's Bentham Hallow done up for Halloween! Quite a change from the colorful mushroom fae forest it usually is!

Click to see bigger

It's still got some mushrooms, but creepy ones in red and orange that change shades. I felt this place worked rather well as a spooky creepy place with out a lot of Gore.

And let me tell you between the sounds and one item repeated all through the sim, it's creepy as all GET out.

What's the one item?

Click to see bigger

Creepy child is CREEPY!!! And is all OVER the place! And sometimes it's not in one piece! *shudders*

I did not find any quests to do, but since Andrek no longer has anything to do with this place that's not surprising. And I don't know if it will stay this way a while or go back to the colorful world it was before.

But right now its a nice place for some good creepy photos full of atmosphere.

Click to see bigger

Just be careful of the creepy rain slicker child. For all I know it will develop fangs and go after you!

Next week Luna has a "15 Favorites" Thing she's doing and that will be the end of her color challenge, for this year! She's said she'll start it back up after the new year and I fully intend to join in again. The group gets to suggest some of the colors as well. I am totally going for more pinks and purples *mwhahahahahahs!*

Jumping in on it in the middle was fun, But I am so looking forwards to doing this from the start with everyone else.

Now just to figure out what to do with myself for November. As in December I start up my photo a day Christmas Countdown..

For now though, I need to go tour Steelhead's haunted spots, and I have a few other spots on my list before I do a Halloween area post later.
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