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02 November 2011 @ 06:07 am
Halloween Wrap up  
I, obviously, did not get to anywhere NEAR as many places as I would have liked this year. I managed a few though and here they are.

I tried to find locations that where unique and not just gorehouses, but sometimes stuff interfered with my exploration. And I still have hopes to get to a few that may linger around in November.

All of these save the Steelhead tour I got off of the Destination guide.




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*Evie's Closet* Eden - Fall Edition 2011
>TRUTH< Gloria

Hellohallows is a cute lil location that I am not sure will still be around much longer. It has a hunt associated with is so you can snag a few goodies if it is. I enjoyed the ambiance and that it was Halloweeny with out being gory.

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Sherewood Haunted Forest



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ATOI-Fall Free Dress w/JEWELRY & SKIN!!
ATOI-Group Gift Halloween Pumpkin Jewelry Set Bx
'NSA' - Lantern (boxed)
>TRUTH< Cate -

I loved this lil graveyard. It was so full of character. It was a blast poking about it to find things that you could click on. My favorite was the dancing skellington photo thing. But the monster plant was fun as well. And the monster fridge made me laugh a lot.

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Hubble's Halloween Haunted House



!*GF* 2011 Halloween Gift Dress & Spider Choker
>TRUTH< Selena

I was really enjoying this place, then I went into the house proper, and for me at least, the halls where way to narrow to navigate easily. The fault is a mix of my AO and my Wings. I just could not SEE corners and such to turn and doorways to enter. So I had to give up. It looks really huge and I hope its still around for others to explore.

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Haunted Steelhead Tour


To many locations to post. Ask me for the landmark notecard. Plus this will not be around much longer.

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*Evie's Closet* - Happy Halloween 2009!
!!Calico Creations!! Tamra

These are my photos of this years Annual Haunted Homes contest in Steelhead. I entered the Teahouse, as usual. But not my home plot in Nevermore. Though at the end there are some shots of it and Ambrose's place, that he forgot to enter.

The tour starts in my teahouse and goes to all of the Steelhead sims. Some people really went all out for it! Can't wait to learn who won at next Tuesdays meeting.

I let the Unseelie fae take over the teahouse and turn it into a haunted Graveyard. Need to get it all cleaned up and fixed for Thanksgiving, then plan Christmas.

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The destination guide does keep a permanent spot for haunted locations among its many categories http://secondlife.com/destinations/haunted So if you want to check out some places I didn't get to. OR see if these are still about go for it!
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