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05 November 2011 @ 04:29 am
52 weeks top 15  
I joined the 52 weeks challenge a weeee bit late. But I still did all 52 colors. Just a lot of them in ONE sitting and ONE massively huge post

http://softpawthefairycat.blogspot.com/2011/07/52-weeks-of-color-challenge-late-to.html Which will have all the outfit credits as well.

I joined it back when I started up a Blogger to go with the LJ I already had.This was back in July.

For the catch up colors I used a photo sphere and kept to one hair and one background, just changing poses and gowns. So around half of my favorite 15 come from that. Which few have seen I would wager *chuckles* I didn't upload them to my flicker cause ..I didn't feel like it :P

Anyway here is my top 15. I chose ALL THE PINKS!! MWHAHAHAHAH

now guess my favorite color :P

BigHugeLabs Mosaic Maker to make this

Click to see bigger

I had to muck with the following to link to the none flicker photos.

1.52 weeks of color week 7 Cerise, 2. 52 weeks of color week 11 Indigo, 3. 52 weeks of color week 17 Electric Lime,
4. 52 weeks of color week 19 Umber, 5. 52 weeks of color week 20 Sky Blue, 6. 52 weeks of color week 21 White,
7. 52 weeks of color week 28 Pink, 8. 52 weeks of color week 35 Electric blue, 9. 52 weeks of color week 40 Apricot,
10. 52 weeks of color week 41 Jazzberry, 11. 52 weeks of color week 43 - Liver, 12. 52 weeks of color week 46 - Brick Red,
13. 52 weeks of color week 49 - Wenge, 14. 52 weeks of color week 50 - Mullberry, 15. 52 weeks of color week 51 - Cream

If I had joined this when it started, there would have been an interesting evolution of my avatar to witness, as back at the start of this year I switched from using a Luskwood Housecat to an AnthroAX housecat. Then shortly after I actually started I made myself a new tail. It shows up for the first time in week 41.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and can't wait to start it up again in January. The short break is perfect for me as in December I do my own personal daily challenge of a holiday outfit in a holiday area per day from the 1st to Christmas.

Thank you Luna for starting this! It got me out of my color comfort zone often and had me digging into the depth of my inventory. And a few of the hardest ones ended up in the top 15 even!
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Current Music: Barnum 04 - The Colors Of My Life (Part I)