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10 November 2011 @ 10:51 pm
a just in case  
So, rumor has it that blogspot may be integrated with google+. I am not sure what that would mean to my blogspot location for these posts. I still have my original Livejournal. But some people aren't to keen on using LJ and I am not sure if it feeds like it should to none LJ locations.

So I googled and worked at it and figured out how to make Semagic post to Wordpress. So now I have another mirror of this blog over at wordpress.

So for those keeping track here are all of the locations you can read me at

http://softpaw-sommer.livejournal.com/ the original location, Has the most posts and has been around almost as long as I've been in Secondlife

http://softpawthefairycat.blogspot.com/ The first mirror. Its the one that is set to feed into Iheartsl which happens randomly.

https://softpaw.wordpress.com/ The new one!

Feel free to follow and comment at any of them. All are set so anyone can comment no matter what journaling platform you use.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Baby It's You! - Auld Lang Syne