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19 November 2011 @ 06:06 pm
Eat Me bakery- Limited Edition Harvest Macaroons  
So, Ambrose has asked me to be his Blogger for The EatMe Bakery. Since The EatMe blog isn't ready for the feeds yet I'm going to cross post the posts for it here till it is, That way it gets a wee bit more coverage.

He Joined 60L weekend and here is his first offering.

A fabulously scrumptious plate of Macaroon’s suitable for a harvest table. The platter offers you a delectable four flavors, ginger pear, pumpkin spice, cranberry walnut, and chocolate moose.

JUST for the weekend it is 60L available at EatMe's Steelhead Nevermoor Location SLURL

After this weekend they will be 150L Still a steal!

Like most of Eat Me's items it comes with an extremely low Lag temp-rezzing script. That has been checked out by several sim admins to make sure it will not adversely affect sim performance. So it wont eat your prims or your sim performance!

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