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20 November 2011 @ 11:41 pm
A Feast for Thanksgiving  

A succulent Thanksgiving offering!


Available both at EatMe's flagship shop in Steelhead Nevermoor but for this week only can be gotten at Softpaw's Indoor Teahouse!

ok Add time over.

Some Fantastic news in that Adar got a job! It took two years but HUZZAH a job! We're quite thrilled.

Ok enough First life stuff.

Secondlife UGH.

I apparently have never made a Thanksgiving image. I know I've wanted too. But checking back I never posted one.

Today I realized why. Finding a cute outfit, and location, and POSE has been an ordeal and a half.

I have two cute Pilgrim outfits, but finding a pose and location proved a pain.

I have a very nice Native American Outfit. But, I'm leery of using that due to not wanting to look insensitive. Even though Adar is part Lakota in RL and said its cute and none offensive. But you never can tell what someone will get worked up over these days.

And I found this adorable Turkey Burlesque outfit. But again pose and Location.

Going to keep working till I figure something out. It's just turning into more of a pain then my Special occasion images tend to be.

Results will be seen on Thursday!
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