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26 June 2008 @ 11:40 pm
Dragons and Brythony!  
First off, Just have to show off my new dragon!

To see the size difference here is my wyrmling on my new hoard and for kicks the fae hatchie I made recently by combining a royal hatchie, spirit hatchie and bits from my fae wyrmling, on the hoard as well

When Adar and I went to get our dragons they had the cathedral all done up special, the different hoards laying about and this shelf of eggs on the wall. it was rather neat. I haven't checked in the past couple days to see if the hoards are still about. I think it would rock if they left them around.

No shots of Adar's dragon. We had switched the dragon he was registered for to a fae instead of a fire. There where 17 people trying to get fire dragons among the early registers alone. With ten made in the one hour open registration! Fae had much MUCh less then that, so we felt his odds of getting a dragon would be better if we went with fae. and it worked! ANd once you get one dragon you can go in and buy any you want. so he bought his fire later. He's turned the fae all grass green and its like..camo, the fire looks like his wyrmling only..huge!

If your curious here the list of how many dragons of each kind and from each registration got reged for.

final Registration statistics - Summer 2008 Hatching

(first registration/second registration)

Storm: 21/10
spirit: 21/14
Fae: 13/10
Steam: 10/6
Anubis: 11/6
Bast: 15/9
Dracolich: 11/8
Fire: 17/10
Ice: 14/7
Aquatic: 12/7
Hydra: 12/7
Astral: 26/13
Shadow: 15/11
Royal: 12/11

The first registration lasted three days and was open to those that owned a wyrmling hatchie or hedgie already. The second one lasted for one hour and was open to anyone. Those that could register for the second could also register a second time in the second one. giving them two chances. So I wager many of the ones in the second one are doubles from the first. But still! Adar had a much better chance with a fae then a fire.

Anyway, in other news, I saved up and bought the land near mine that became open. I added a larger public 7 seas fishing area, a garden area and a drum circle. It looks fab! And the sunsets on my new beach are amazing.

I have photos of all those, but what I really want to show off is Brythony itself. Several of us that live there are working to get more people to come and hang around. that's why I put up a large public fishing area and the drum circle. Brythony is a lovely sim with great views!

I am not going to take any of Brythony Caer Lyre right now, there is a LOT of land up for sale or will be soon. So many large empty spots. It's rather sad looking. Move here people!!!

But here is Brythony main from Brythony Caer Lyre

Brigid's huge purple tree house, Its just stunning.
the dirigibles and airships that fly over the land

the mountains, and an oddly blank spot that wasn't there the other day.

The village with the market.

More of the village,
and you can see the large blank spots I was talking about in Caer Lyre. ALso Adar moved the location of his cave to a larger lot on the shore. Just has a new cave up hasn't done anything else with it yet.

Wolf's Den Pub and the SL offices of Faerie Magazine.

Now onto the new sim! Brythony Dwyrain. Elizabeth and Leluu both have half of it.

Leluu's side

Elizabeth's side

I think they are still working on their sides so I didn't get to close.

And that's Brythony for you. Do please come visit! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Brythony/128/128/35

More about my land later! I am thinking of starting weekly fishing contests to get people to come to Brythony!
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