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02 January 2012 @ 12:42 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 1  

Week One:


Click for bigger

- Outfit - *Goddess* Phantom Think of Me Gown in Champagne SLURL
Hair **Pocket Mirrors** Nastassja SLURL
Pose - aDORKable Poses: Snowflakes SLURL
Sim - My home plot in Steelhead Nevermoor SLURL

A New Year full of Colors has started!

The year is however, not off to a good start for me. I am sick. So instead of going to a location to explore I'm just giving you the single dress shot. I promise to do better for week two though!

I had NO champagne ..that I could find in a short search due to the sick, in my inventory so I had to do something I try not to for the challenge, buy it off the market. But, I do love a good Movie gown reproduction so it was worth it. And next weeks color, I already have something of!! Woot

ok..I think it's time for me to head back to bed. I'm not sure how coherent this post was..
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Me and My Girl 06 - An English Gentleman