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08 January 2012 @ 03:28 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 2  

Week Two:


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- Outfit - *Evie's Closet* Nereida Goldfish Mermaid SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Aloha SLURL
Pose - SERENADE Deluxe Mystic Mermaid Pack SLURL
Sim - Mermaid Temple SLURL

Yes you can proceed with making Cat Fish jokes,

Well, for one I am doing MUCH better then last week. Still a little under but at least I'm able to Do stuff now. Thank you those that wished me better health.

Two, Today is my RL Birthday. I'm now 37. No one believes this though. But really I am!! Pink hair *yes I have a pink hair in RL, its Red on top pink on bottom* and Glitter and fairy wings and all not withstanding! I'm young at heart and it really shows.


I did not do as good at digging out something coral from my inventory as I hoped. Everything I had labeled as "coral" was either jewelry to small to see, or WAY WAY pinker then the swatch showed. I'm not big on oranges and the swatch, and the coral earrings I own, are more an orange then a pink.

But one of the items was one of Evie's Stunning Mer tails. So I poked over ALL my mertails and decided that Evie's Goldfish tail had enough Coral highlights to do. It was that or Tint a freebie white tail I recently picked up with the color which I felt was cheating.

Then while exploring the Area I picked. I found a school of Coral fish so included them as well in the photo MWAHAHHA!! Still kinda cheating though. NEXT WEEK THOUGH! I know I wont have to fudge at all. It's a Purple and the only thing I have more of then Purple clothing, is Pink clothing.

The area I chose off of the Destination guide. It's called Mermaid Temple and it's part of a larger grouping of Sims. That includes a fairy area I haven't gotten myself out of the water to explore. I stuck to just the sim called Mermaid temple and I feel I still have stuff to see on it in truth! I need to go back and poke around more.

You start out in an underwater Mall. Which is good for none mers to find a nice tail and an AO. Which might I recommend ANY of Sala Snook's Mermaid ao's. She's the genius ao maker behind KAMI-HITOE and has some stunning animations. I also own all her fairy ao's and recommend them as well. My personal Ao contains her Fairy ao animations as well as some other animations. SLURL to her store.

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There are some stairs going down which leads you to the none store area. which is fantastically decorated. I think its broken up into small plots, as some are empty. So if your looking for a small mer location check it out!

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There's loads of room to swim about and things to see. So many fishies! I love the huge schools I found. As well as lots of nooks and crannies. Loads of sunken treasure and ruins to play about it. All it needs is a sunken ship!

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There's many pose balls scattered about if you just want to dance underwater a while as well. The area my color photo is from was so interesting to me I switched into a few other Evie mertails to play around for a Livejournal icon. I still haven't quite decided which mertail will be my main one. It used to be my seven's selections one. Which is still a fav, due to it uses a skirt layer over the legs instead of a middle prim to hide the gap and smooth the look of the tail. But Evie's are just so pretty!!

After a while of being underwater I swam up and stuck my head above water. BTW..the best thing I have found for keeping level underwater is the Swimaid hud that Sala recommended with one of her AO's . No more flying out of the water with it!

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I did not however get OUT of the water to go explore the temple or the lands. As I said before its a part of a MUCH larger grouping of sims and will take some time to explore. I do plan to go back. TO at the very least see what’s topside of the temple! The build looks stunning.

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http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Mermaidtemple/ All my photos from the Temple

And now..off to go do Birthday stuffs!!
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