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21 January 2012 @ 02:59 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 3  

Week Three:

Electric Indigo

Click for bigger

- Outfit - FallnLotusHanfuSpringExclusive - old hunt Gift SLURL
Hair *SS* Lexi SLURL
Pose - :+:SS:+: Music Box Pose Prop Stand SLURL
Sim - Mysterious Wave SLURL

Procrastination thy name is Softpaw!

This post is so LATE because I kept doing the "oh I'll just finish X thing first then make the 52 week post" Bit.

First it was finishing getting the last remits of a virus off my comp, then it was the Sopa blackout day, then I nearly KILLED my comp by messing with the CPU *all hail Adar for fixing THAT screw up* and now its today. And if I don't do it NOW it wont get done before the next color!

And on top of all THAT, my little corner of the world of Renaissance faires is reeling from the loss of one of our own. Which reminds me to post the pledge I made here as well, its most important HERE.

On the 18th, Cancer claimed another victim, a wonderful man that many know and love. I didn't know him well, but he was always kind to me at Whitehart. And had a wonderful smile.

This year, I will as I have for the past several years, be participating in Relay For Life of Second Life, Starting March 10th, and going until sometime in July. I'm not sure of the end date.

I am hereby pledging to donate at least 5 dollars a week in Pat's name once the Relay starts. Every Thursday I will add it to the meter on my donation page I will set up once I am able to. I will be posting a link to this page and I challenge others who knew Pat to match my donation.

I plan to make sure I donate at LEAST 100 total to the meter, To fund research to find a cure so we don't have to loose anyone else to this horrible disease.

And that is 100 ON TOP OF what I donate while in Secondlife, those donations don't get added to my meter.

I've also got my Relay item to build to sell planned. A recreation of the treasure chest his group always gave QE.

And...I'm not sure how to segue to a normal post after that other then to say this! :P

I have so much purple. Finding the RIGHT shade was the tricky part, In fact I had several outfits that would do. So after digging through my entire purple folder *which, for the record, took a while* I called Turlock in to pick from the choices. He picked the one I was slightly leaning towards so it worked out well.

Had NO idea where to go for this outfit. I couldn’t find an Asian themed sim I liked enough. So I picked a random one from my to explore folder.

Mysterious wave. Which I am sure gets redone time to time. So this is what it was when I was there.

Click to see bigger

Its a quirky whimsical sim with a bit of a macabre side to it. I enjoyed the bird swarms and the way the land form the tree roots in places.

I would have loved to learn what the symbolize was of the objects. But couldn’t find anything. so I just enjoyed them for what I saw.

Click to see bigger

This is not a sim object, this is a person in an avatar you can buy in the skybox store on the sim.

It took me a couple days to finish with the photos, see procrastination above. At once point I had a weird glitch happen and half the center tree vanished! A reboot fixed that though.

The store is a bit of a style switch from the ground, going much more lighter in tone. With lots of pink and mushrooms and glowly flowers. Its where I took the dress image.

Click to see bigger

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Mysterious Wave/ All my photos

And that's it for Electric Indigo! I DO have Iron *wtf Iron for a FAIRY?* picked out, just not a sim. And I wont be getting to that till tomorrow. Today is makeup for not going much of anyplace on my birthday due to being sick day. Going to go see Beauty and the Beast in 3d!!
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