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23 January 2012 @ 06:38 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 4  

Week Four:


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Outfit - **TWA**Arcane Princess Group Gift Gown Set-Boxed SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Monique SLURL
Pose Olive Juice- Fall Frills (skirt-friendly) SLURL
Sim - Peacock fantasy garden SLURL

Stories tell of iron
As the metal fairies dread
It's the rending of the earth
That does the deed instead

When I saw the color for this week I had to laugh.


For those that do not know. The Fae and Iron have traditionally NOT gotten along at all. Iron was a way our ancestors kept the Bright Folk at bay. By many things such as carrying around an iron nail, or putting An iron horse shoe over your door.

Now as to why iron was picked to be such a great fairy repellent, I never understood. It's a natural element, fae like nature. In my rp I usual ignore this little bit of lore, especially in this day and age. To much iron used in our daily lives.

I'm not the only fae to wonder this, however. My good friends in the band Elvendrums wondered the same thing. To the point that they wrote a song about it, called Iron, Which I quoted above. Their explanation was its not the element itself, but what humans DO with it, and do to the earth to GET it, that the fae don't like. Their preamble to it when they perform it explains it much better

Turlock said that for this week I should find some chains, wrap myself in them and look in pain. I gave him my usual long suffering look for his dumber ideas and said no. For starters I'd have to buy those and I did NOT want to put the marketplace on the adult filter to find them. Secondly I am TRYING to do this with out buying anything :P

Plus I like looking pretty thank you very much!

So instead, I used a lovely White Armory gown. It was the first grey gown I tried on and was perfect. No digging! Unlike for next weeks color patina, which even the marketplace doesn't have a lot of! At least under that name.

Since Grey is so well, dull, I wanted to find a really colorful place to explore, and the destination guide gave up the goods! The Peacock Fantasy Garden!
Which was oddly lacking in any of said birds.

I'm not sure if the SLURL I posted above will take you right there, or if you'll get waylaid by a TP point, if you do, there’s a sign to click to go up to the garden in a skybox.

Click to see bigger

And while it lacked in the bird, other then some giant sized feathers and a railing image. It had TONS of colors! I fell in love with the bright pink heart flowers and want some for my own but could not find any in the creators shop.

I also of course loved the giant mushrooms. But the trees they had are also quite neat. The oddly textured trunk ones caught my eye. THOSE I did find in the creators shop! Which i forgot to snag a SLURL to..

Click to see bigger

It's not a very big area, but if you looking for a nice place to dance, it's is it. Big dancing platform. Also several cuddle spots underneath the platform.

There are a few posing items scattered about. big fairy wings on legs and a moon. I loved both of them, but the moon really caught my fancy.

Click to see bigger

As it was so small exploring it went quickly. Now to go find a dress for Patina! Oye!!

You can see all of my photos from the garden at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Peacockgarden/index.html
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