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26 January 2012 @ 07:46 am
Disappearing Sims - Cake  

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Dress - Cupcakes & Poetry - candyland ensemble SLURL
Jewelry - {Violet Voltaire} Cuppycake Birthday Set
{Violet Voltaire} Lollipop Guild Rainbow Set SLURL
Hair - Tameless Hair Chrissie - SLURL
Pose - Magnifique - Sweet Like Sugar (Single Poses) (Boxed) SLURL
Sim - Cake SLURL

I found this sim when I was looking for one to take photos for Electric Indigo. I knew the moment I laid eyes on it JUST what outfit to wear while exploring it. My Candy outfit based on Katy Perry's California gurls outfit. While doing the exploring of the place I learned that the maker of the outfit has a small sky shop on the sim! I dressed it up with some cute candy/cake themed jewelry and a new hair and set out to explore.

And learned that this wonderfully whimsical nommy sim will be vanishing mid February! *sad fae kitty face* It is up for sale so hopefully someone will buy it and keep it just as is. Its a homestead sim so it shouldn’t cost TO much. No idea why the owner is selling.

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It's a candyland fantasy sim. So cute and adorable. So many things to sit on and mess with. All scattered about the land. I loved it so much. Some of the items are for sale and I picked them up to help support the place. what I'm going to do with giant pink tentacles I have NO idea though.

I took tons of photos so that what is there can be remembered.

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If you go click on things! there is a cake cannon, so many items to sit on. An Alice cupcake area. A "spicy" area and so much more. It's inspired me to do a candy theme to the tea garden at some point. Most likely for Easter.

At some point I found a gatcha that gave out mini donuts and spent a lot of the time with it in my mouth.

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I loved the Alice area. I WANT the trees in it, but could not find them in the creators store. *pouts*

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I think the area with the giant happy mood bunnies was my favorite though. I'm a sucker for those bunnies.

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The "spicy" are had darker colored items with a bit more ..mature..theme...kinda

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At the landing point there is a Teleporter to the sky shop, which has a lot of the stuff you saw on the land for sale in it. Like, all the Alice cupcakes. And some other cute posing things. None of which are to costly.

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yes I picked this one up. I need to go check out the main store for Cupcakes & Poetry. There are more items in their marketplace shop then the sky shop I found.

Cake has a "brother" sim that you can see hints of in some of my photos. I'm not sure if its vanishing as well. But I do plan to go back and get shots of it as well.

Do go and play around in Cake! And I hope someone saves it. Its so cute!!

You can see all my photos of Cake here

and, because I feel like it

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