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29 January 2012 @ 01:44 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 5  

Week Five:


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Outfit -The Sea Hole - Gittana Sheer panel Blouse - Patina
The sea Hole (slx: Highwaisted Engineer Shorts (sand) SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Annalise SLURL
Pose Striking poses_Fairy Essence Poses SLURL
Sim - Not Everything is Plain B&W by Fuschia Nightfire SLURL

So, after searching my wardrobe, I had to admit to not having anything in this color. So I had to resort to buying it. *makes a face* So trying not to do that.

I am wagering several others used this top as well as the marketplace had SO FEW items listed under "patina". But I really don't care as I think this outfit is adorable and I have found a new favorite store to love for a more casual look then my usual gowns. LOOK I'M IN PANTS!! That doesn’t happen often, But The Sea Hole has several different Capri pants and longer shorts. It made me happy. I'd wear a LOT of The Sea hole in RL if I could.

For the sim, this time I went 180 from last week and chose a sim in blacks and whites. I first saw it on Honour's post menopausal view., but it's also in the destination guide. It looked like a fun place to explore so off I went.

You start out in a small shop of freebies. It contains outfits you can wear to match the sim if you want. I obviously chose not to, and I loved seeing the contrast of my wings against the lack of colors of the sim.

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Outside of the store is all white, with a large crack, you go down the crack. Your first view is of a star field with the constellations. Then you go forwards. There is a "Path" that leads you all over the sim in fact. You can wander on your own as well.

After the constellation room you go through a few more rooms and tunnels, till you emerge to the surface.

There are a number of vignettes to visit on the surface. First a lake with a house. You can wander with the silhouettes.

Following the path you find yourself among some zebras. I LOVED the Zebras, which is why I chose them as my color image. After the zebras there is a tunnel thing like you emerged out of, and you then enter a mushroom area. Which if course I loved. But then, its giant mushrooms.

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Also a creepy spider thing..it runs around..did I forget to mention that? *cackles*

Leaving the mushroom area you find a music box with a dancer. One of the outfits you can get is a ballet outfit. so if you wan to fit in wearing that here's the place! There are a few other statues scattered about. Off the path. Go look at them before you walk into the doorway of static as that leads you back to the white room at the entrance. I could NOT find my way back through the static tunnel and had to go all the way through the other areas again to get out.

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All in all, it was quite an enjoyable art sim. Its so different seeing Sl with out much color. Rather like last years Fashion for Life faire.

You can see all my photos at this link

I'm thinking of dragging the Dragon into next weeks photos. Its a really light blue. So we’ll see what I can find for him. As I HAVE to buy his stuff as he has barely any outfits. He likes to just run around in his Indiana Jones ensemble.
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