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07 February 2012 @ 09:44 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 6  

Week Six:

Alice blue

Click for bigger

Outfit - *GF* Empire Dress [Platinum Hunt 2] SLURL
Hair""D!va"" Hair "Diva" SLURL
Sim - Sopor Aeternum SLURL

I was originally going to have Adar in this weeks photo with me. But I could NOT find anything that would look good on him. So I think I'll wait till a color comes along he'll look good in. Like greens. Not next weeks color. Red on red skin? Not gonna even try.

I had an easy time finding this color. This gown is a hunt item and was just, perfect. I'm not sure if I even looked anymore after it. LOVE This hair too, its so pretty. Pose did give me some fits, mostly in getting the pearls to be in the right position in my mouth.

Now to talk about the sim.

I saw Sopor Aeternum in the Destination guide where it is described as thus: Explore this magical land where echoes of children's laughter reverberate in gleeful tones and a church choir colors the air with melody. Ride the carousel, meander among the fields and contemplate the mysteries of the fairies and other mystical creatures that roam this land. Grab a balloon and drift away in the wintry winds.

I can not, really CAN NOT, stress how much FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH that description is. This is not a lovely and magical sim. It is a dark and macabre sim. Going there was like, sitting down and expecting to watch Labyrinth, with its glitter and Muppets and David Bowe's pants, and getting PAN'S Labyrinth, with its creepy hand eye guy and blood and other stuff I don't know about as Adar and Turlock have declared I'm not allowed to watch it, instead. Sure you get some of the things it says, but NOT in the way it says! Also if you are of a highly religious nature, you might find some things offensive.

Now, it is an amazing build. Quite atmospheric and well laid out. It's just, "not what it says on the box". I also did find one rather pretty fairy like area, where I took the dress image at. I plan to track down the builder of that area and check out the rest of their stuff.

Click to see bigger

Oh and yes there IS a carousel, as a part of a very dark and creepy run down carnival. Not anything I'd want a kid to see.

There are lots of things to play with and sit on scattered about. So I did like that. But click with caution! Some are rather, umm..off putting.

Click to see bigger

I did find a few lovely things, like that fairy ruins. Also there is this neato pose frame in the house on the other half of the sim not containing the carnival. It had an Alice theme and you became a part of the artwork.

Click to see bigger

I am quite sure I could have enjoyed the sim more if the Destination guide had given a more accurate description of it. You can see all my photos of it here http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Sopor/

And, now I'm going to ask a few technical questions.

Either my camera moving skills SUCK, its my mouse or its just SL for you. But sometimes I can NOT get the camera to move just a TINY bit to better frame a photo. No it moves so that it is totally useless. Is there a HUD device to make smaller adjustments to the camera then the UI allows you? Or is it my hardware/ computer sucking?


Why is it, when I enter a sim with "use region wind light automatically" set I get one setting. *for sopar it was the brown fog like setting* But if I switch settings off for a photo and then want to go back to the region windlight I get a completely different setting then when I entered? For Sopar that was a clear sky but at night setting. Which one is the correct region windlight setting? And if it shouldn't be doing that how do i fix that?

Now to go find something close to the next shade, Folly. Its a red.
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