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26 February 2012 @ 11:06 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 9  

Week Nine:


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It's a Schadenfreude week! EVERYTHING we both have on, apart from our basics, is by Schadenfreude SLURL

On me
Outfit - Schadenfreude Noir Funambule Set
Schadenfreude Sunshine Polka Dots & Stripe Corsets
Jewelry - Schadenfreude Complete Avian Set
Hair - Schadenfreude Momo

On Adar
Schadenfreude Ash Stripe Pants
Schadenfreude Sunshine Polka Dot Neckties
Schadenfreude Yellow Oxford Shirt
Schadenfreude Pitch Striped Vest
Sim - the Secret Underground Base SLURL

I had such FUN styling this week’s color. I knew Dandelion would look good on Adar so I went looking something for him. Then I found mine, as I had nothing the right shade in my inventory, and the whole Schadenfreude bit was semi unplanned. In that once I noticed we where both in mostly clothing by Her I just went all out.

The hair I have on is part of a group gift. The Schadenfreude Group is a pay group. 250, but worth it JUST for this hair! I saw them in an ad for one of Allegory's corsets and had to track them down. You get 7 hairstyles in total, and a hud that lets you change the color. Of EVERYTHING. you can change just ONE prim to a different color if you want. IT IS AWESOME. I love having that much control over the streaks in my hair.

The location is another destination guide find. Adar is used to games that give him something to do other than just explore and look around. So I wanted to find us someplace like that to play around in. The Secret Underground Base looked easy enough for him, as he's not used to SL movement right now. And I know the reputation of the builder Loki.

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You pick up a hud for pass key for 100 and it lets you in forever. As well as a hud and a stick to smack things with. Then enter a tunnel. Which gave us a bit of problems for seeing our way around. But we managed. Then found a room with caged Gelantaious cubes to whack. As well as some other things.

It's not a very long adventure. I had hoped for something longer in the style of Mad Peas. But it was good for helping him learn stuff again. It's been so long since he was able to BE on SL at all.

Click to see bigger

In fact, I think the next time we're on I'm taking him to one of the old orientation stations to allow him to get the basics down again.

Then after that we'll tackle something harder.

Speaking of Hard, Finding good couple poses for people with wings is HARD. Can't be front to back, wings, can't be back to back, wings, And I didn't want anything to romantic. But I did find a nice one in the end. Now just to find more!

All of this weeks shots at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Underground/

Now to find my Avocado outfit and get the post ready BEFORE my next Academy for Ren faire.
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