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01 March 2012 @ 09:10 pm
Meshy Meshy Mess  
This is a two part post, But both parts deal with MESH! One parts good the other..not so much. So we'll start with the good.

The good, is me taking on a one time Blogger challenge, Which I thought came from Luna. But I can't find the post. Someone in the 52 weeks group did link me to a Flickr group though.

SL Blogger Challenge: Outside the Norm

The challenge? Wear something not like you normally do. I went all out and went tiny and not furry. Though admittedly the clothing is something I wear big and furry.

I chose to flutter about in the new Yabusaka Petite Fairy Mesh Avatar. Which is totally adorable and TINY. I loved being so small in a big world. And it was different seeing myself without the fur and tail. This avatar is hot right now. So many of my favorite designers are making stuff for it! I have on an Evie's outfit and a wasabi hair and a wings by the same lady that made my normal ones. Jen's just recently changed the name and I don’t remember the new one.

Anyway..here I am all tiny and cute! Posing with a cute chair that Evie made for the petites.

Click to see bigger

And to give you a better idea of how tiny..

Click to see bigger

Since you can pick everything up at one location, well except the wings. I'm giving a single Slur to the petite kingdom

I suppose I could have gone with colors at least that I don't normally wear, but HEY I figured, no fur, that’s a big enough change. Will I be keeping any part of this? Rather hard to. But I have left the chair out on my land for any petites that stop by.

I do want to find a place with lots of furniture and things and have fun playing around there in this. And I would LOVE it if any Fur creators made petite furs this size. That would be adorably fantastic.

Now for the not a nice. Because I have a Sad.

I am quite open to mesh as you can see. But I am REALLY hoping that hair designers do not all go to making just mesh hair. Because I would be screwed. I cannot wear mesh hair. Not wont ,because it would change my personal shape. Can't. Not unless I go human. So really the mesh hair trend affects all Furs not just me.


Because you cannot resize, modify or even MOVE where mesh hair is attached. Which sucks so much. I wish Linden had made it so you could and I don't fully understand why they made it so you can't. The not moving its attached point more than anything.

Even adjusting by resize script would work to allow me to wear mesh hair, especially if it’s that nifty one that lets you adjust prim by prim and location as well as size.

This is what happens if I wear well ANY hair right out of the box. But this time it is demos of Truths lovely new mesh hairs that I would LOVE to be able to wear but can't.

If Hair makers all go all mesh, I will be SO sad. Wasabi Pills is already pretty much all mesh as it is, and now Truth has started to make Mesh hair. I am just hoping creators will at least make both mesh and none mesh. Though I know I am a minority as a fur and the hair makers will go with what sells. And Mesh hairs are fabulous and selling. Which I why I wish I could wear them!

And in none related to mesh ramblings. I am ready for the next 52 weeks color post! I got it done ahead of time in case of dying again after this weekend’s trip to Muskogee for Ren Faire stuff. *boogies*. I'm excited about it as I will be introducing a new possibly permanent addition to my look. I say possibly as I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep it or not. But its nifty and I can't wait to show it off.
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