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06 March 2012 @ 10:04 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 10  

Week Ten:


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Outfit - *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Cloe (for Dark Magic Winter)SLURL
:::Sn@tch Beach Skirt (Khaki)::: SLURL
Hair Schadenfreude Coco SLURL
Pose Baffle! [I flutter by.] Freebie (boxed) SLURL
Sim - Spirit - by claudia222 Jewell SLURL

*note I just now realized that my links where NOT set to open a new tab/window, which I find handier, this has been fixed. So slurls and click to see bigger links now open in new windows*

Avocado didn't take me long to find in my inventory, thanks to my new folder system. I paired Cloe by severed garden with a simple skirt from Sn@atch as I am not fond of wandering about in my underwear. But I do love the belt with its pouches of lil critters, Severed is fantastic for cute lil touches like that.

It was destination guide again for the picking of the sim. Spirit is quite a fascinating multi level build. Though I couldn’t find a way to get up to some of the higher levels without flying. But given the nature of the build that may be what was wanted. OH and you can blend in with the build via a free avatar at the landing point. It's kinda a metallic fairy tree being.

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I found it quite intriguing that some of the objects claudia222 Jewell created changed what they looked like as you panned around them. In an optical illusion way, Is it a bird head or a human skull? Keep changing position and its both! And I have NO clue how she even managed a lot of the visual tricks.

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This is not a sim to just give a simple once over, I am sure I missed stuff.

In none sim stuff, as I hinted at in my last post I have a new addition to my look. What? Glasses! I wear them offline, have since the 3rd grade. But never found a pair in Secondlife I just loved enough to pick up. Then I saw some glasses that Deoridhe had on in a post over in her blog Prim Dolls. They were so dainty and delicately wonderful I had to see what else the designer made.

The creator is Aslan Kish and the store is called Air *slurl* And he creates what he calls Jewelry glasses. Looking at them you can see why! They are all micro prim detailed works of art. I would Dearly DEARLY love to own a pair of these glasses in Real life.

I chose a different style then Deoridhe wore, mine are called Angela. They are texture change in the metal and the gemstones in the glasses. so I can always match my outfits!

Click to see bigger, and click next on that page to see some different views

I haven't decided if I will be keeping them on all the time. Mostly due to some annoying to me quirks of fitting them to my feline face. And that they don't really show UP from a distance. Thoughts?
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