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11 August 2008 @ 12:58 pm
So...I've gotten a small plot just to put some stuff down and have a fishing area and a place to change clothing at. I was still looking around around for a larger place. And a place for Adar.

I had in fact been thinking about one of those new open space sims you can get. Not direct from Linden labs of course but leasing it like normal land only you get the whole sim. 3750 prims and a lot of space! But all the ones I had looked at you needed like 200+ to start on it. Around 125 to start and then the first months rent. Ugh! Couldn't do it.

But today I was just chatting with someone from 7seas chat who's husband is a guardian or guide in IoW. Apparently several of us 7seasers lost our land recently.

Well it turns out she has three of the open space sims up and will lease me one of them with out the start up cost. And to get this sim from her it will be LESS per month then Adar and I where paying combined at Brythony for MORE prims then we had combined and full control of the land. I get to change the land textures and everything! So in the winter I can have it "snow" for Christmas!

She's also getting a raw file for the sim to landscape it. One I picked out. This one in fact I think it will look great with my tree and Adar's cave and all our other items. Lots of fishing areas too!

Mind you we can't get this till next week when the paycheck hits. But she's willing to hold it for me till then. I'm so excited.

Speaking of fishing, the custom fishing servers have been released. So time to lean to build so we can have custom catches in the new sim! I can't wait. It will be neat to see what the other gilded rosers build.

And that's my news for now.
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