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11 March 2012 @ 03:02 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 11  

Week Eleven:


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Outfit - *ATOI Will O the Wisp Fairy SLURL
Crazy hat to be explained..
Hair >TRUTH< Tahnee 2 SLURL
Pose something from my AO and I can't be half arsed to figure out what
Sim - PICO PICO LIFE by Mikati Slade SLURL

Aquamarine was such a tricky color. Do I look in my greens? Do I look in my Blues? I ended up looking in both and found this lovely dress by A Touch of Ireland. The "Charlie's Angels" hair style by Truth just seemed made for it as well.

For this week’s Sim I wanted COLOR, bright happy COLOR. SO many art sims have such subdued color I wanted a change. And my choice of Pico Pico certainly delivered bright vibrate COLOR. Plus it’s a game!! Weee!! But its only around till the 15th so you can only go play a few more days.

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When visited the creator Mikati was at the landing point answering questions and helping people. She's adorable cute and petite. I can't say if she'll be there all the time or not. I can say she will instruct that you pick up the gift and wear it. You need to!! It's the hat and you need it to play the game. It, and a lil follower you get when you enter, help you collect your points.

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What's the game? Well it’s both incredibly simple but also a LOT trickier then you'd think. The game is to walk through the lil hearts and collect points. Trick is, the build is so bright and glowy its hard to see hidden falls and twists and turns. I got turned around SO many times! The Tron like grid texture does not help you figure things out in the depths and higher levels. And oh yes there are several levels, but try to get the most you can on the ground level build before tping to the higher ones.

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If I recall there are around 5 levels. The top two less colorful than the others. I took the top photo at the second to last level so you could SEE the dress. My score after a couple falls was 19 I believe. There is a high score board see if you can get on it!

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/pico/ to see all of my brightly colored photos. This place makes my wings hard to see!! That's saying something!
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