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14 March 2012 @ 07:21 pm
It's Time...To start Relay for Life  
As I HOPE everyone that reads this is aware, This past weekend was the start of fund raising season Relay for Life of Secondlife. Which I am involved in. This year I am getting involved from, well honestly BEFORE the official start even. To many folk close to me of late have been directly affected by Cancer or indirectly affected.

My father In law had Prostate cancer
My Best friends dad now has prostate cancer
The DAY before The official start I learned one of my uncles has it.
I lost an Aunt to Pancreatic cancer
This past January my corner of the Ren Faire Community was rocked by the loss of a Gentle Rouge to Brain cancer.

And really I could go on..and on..But those are the big ones.

So I decided it was way beyond time to get more involved. Well as more involved as my schedule will LET me. Since so much happens on weekends during the run of OKRF.

BUT it’s not running now and The starting ceremonies where on an off weekend for Academes so I went! Watched, listened, Cried. And started my 5 a week donation pledge drive I'm doing.

Click to see bigger

Considering the UBER LAG I am so pleased with this photo. Me, Fuzzball and Genie representing Steelhead.

Saturday night was the first Relay event for Steelhead and I went to that as well. All decked out in my new outfit I picked up at the first HUGE Relay event Fashion for Life.

It’s one of the few none Purple items I picked up, It’s got everything including the hair! Which I tinted red as it comes brown. That took FOREVER. It's by Emo-tions and is available only at Dreamseaker It's Time *slurl*

All photos of the opening ceremony, Start of Relay sims and Steelheads first Relay event.,

Except for a few grab and runs at stores I knew had stuff I wanted I waited a couple days to go explore the Fashion for Life Sims. Such amazing builds!! And so many wonderful wonderful items to buy!!

I took lots of photos of the sims that you can see here

My only gripe is I couldn't find ANYTHING for Adar in a RFL vendor. Saw some stuff NOT in the vendors but He wanted something from a vendor. He wanted something less formal then a suit but not urban grunge, PLUS his skin color is tricky to get stuff for. Out of luck in that department. We need up getting him a suit from SF Designs that had a matching gown for me to pick up. You can get them at Dreamseaker Epoque *slurl*

Click to see bigger

A complete list of Fashion for Life vendors and SLURLS to each sim is at this link

And while there are many MANY places to donate inworld if you want to donate to my none SL meter you can do so by clicking the following

I honestly don’t care if you donate to my meter or not...just DONATE!! As much as you can! If its easier to do so in the small amounts inwolrd then do that!

Together we can find a cure!
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