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06 April 2008 @ 01:03 pm
Turlock got the teleport working to the second floor of my house. So now I can go up there. And I have at last put a bed and other items up there.

I picked up a new lower prim bed and a new lower prim harp for my land, And freed up a bit of prim. But then went and got some lighting for the house and a bench and wisteria plant for outside. And used some of the newly freed prim back up.

Needed the lighting though. And the plant and bench have a reason. I've discovered a script that lets people dropping by your land know if your online or not. So I wanted to attach it to a candle and put it on the bench outside. Found a nice low prim bench and a single prim candle and figured out how to attach the script. I had in fact bought two other candles planning to use them for Turlock and Adar. But found out while helping Fayth put one down that the candle MUST be bought and owned by the person that is wanting their online status known. And the candles are none transferable...so now I have two extra candles.

I thought it would be neat if everyone in the group I set up for the land got a candle so I sent out a group notice about it. Then logged off my account and logged on bobs. Went and got him a candle, decided HEY lets get him a red one instead of the white ones.

Not a good idea. The red ones, at least the red ones on the table near the door in the store I sent people too, are none modifiable. So I had to go back and get him a white candle from where I got the first ones by where I got my bed. Forgot to check to see if the red ones back there are modifiable. Doh me.

And I put his spare candle on a stand near the bed. But now he's got a candle on the bench!

I like the script, except it makes this ball of green motes about the candle if your online and red if your off. I'd like to see if Turlock or Redwald can adjust it so that the candle is light if your on and off if your not. I think that would just look better. The glowy ball looks tacky and takes up a bit of room.

Need to start taking the photos for the fashion show. I've found sooooo many freebie outfits. Some REALLY super nice, others just..eh. Going to try to see if I can get the guys to help me with it. they may can get better shots then I can since they'd be able to see me at different angles. Thinking it would be best if that happened on Adar's computer.

Oh and I love my new harp, this one plays three songs! And is waayy less prim then my old one. It's prettier too.

Also I've updated the userinfo of this LJ to give a kinda who's who so people know who I'm talking about that are here from my personal LJ.

And I leave you with a shot of me lounging on my bed. Click for larger view

That's it for now. Bedtime for The Fae kitty.
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