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20 March 2012 @ 07:27 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 12  

Week Twelve:

St. Patrick’s Blue

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Outfit - *ATOI Blue Tartan Dress SLURL
Jewelry Needful Necessities Cameo on Ribbon 2 SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Carlie SLURL
Pose [impEle] Winged Poses (Marketplace only)
Sim - Blarney Castle - O'Hare's Gap SLURL

So with this color, Luna challenged us to research it, which I did. And what I learned was interesting. While everyone, at least in the states, associated Ireland with GREEN., Blue is the original color for Ireland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Patrick%27s_blue has more info if you’re interested.

Learning that I wanted an outfit that represented Ireland a bit, and A touch of Ireland held true. The right shade of blue is in that tartan someplace. *grins* I also hoped to find a nice Real life in Secondlife place and found the Perfect spot

Blarney Castle! Home of the famous Blarney Stone.

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If you don't know what the Blarney Stone is, it’s a rock, that according to legend if you kiss it you get the gift of Gab..AKA smooth talking and eloquence. To Wikipedia for more info if your interested! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blarney_stone

This SL recreation looks rather faithfull and even includes an animation to kiss the stone. Which to do that you have to have someone hold your legs while you dangle high in the air and kiss it upside down at the top of the castle.

Click to see bigger

The sim the stone is at is a rather lovely Irish town. I just didn't feel like exploring all of it. but if you go and want to have at it!

Click to see bigger

There are other Irish places in Sl, but I felt like the Stone would be the most fun.

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/blarney/index.html for all my photos from the Castle.

Now to finish inventory cleaning and find an outfit in next week’s color of tea green.
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