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27 March 2012 @ 11:58 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 13  

Week Thirteen:

Tea Green

Click for bigger

Outfit - !~SSF~! Verona's Vampire Gown SLURL
Hair .:EMO-tions:. * Symphonia * SLURL
Pose F*cking Ninjas' Toreador Pose (Boxed) SLURL
Sim - Progeny: Vampire Castle and Grounds SLURL

So while going through my light greens for this week. I found that one of the OTHER vampire dresses from Van Helsing I own fit the bill. I have all three of the brides outfits and wore one already for last year’s Goldenrod. Suki of Suki's Silken Fashions did a wonderful job recreating them. Though I just noticed on the marketplace she's updated them. For example the version I have doesn't have the neck thing while the revised one does. Either that or I tossed it ages ago for some reason or another.

If you've never seen Van Helsing here is a photo of the Brides

And now I rather want a pink to come up that fits for the last one just so I can complete the set!

Since I was all decked out in a Vampire gown. I decided to go searching for a simple vampire sim to explore. TO THE DESTINATION GUIDE!! I ended up choosing Progeny: Vampire Castle and Grounds

I can't say much ...well anything really, about any role play that goes on there. The entire time I was there only a handful of people showed up and never near me.

The build however is stunning and complex, with many levels to explore. Starting at the skybox entry area, which gives rules and such for the sim.

Click to see bigger

You take a boat tp down to the ground and wow, the setting is amazing. The sim makes excellent use of windlight settings to give you a dark foggy creepy sim to play in. I switched to midday a few times just to show the contrast with and without the windlight.

There are several separate areas to explore, the castle, a rundown village, a grave yard and a stone circle. I went to them all but didn't thoroughly explore the castle. I THINK it may even have an underground catacomb area.

Click to see bigger

I think the sim uses a specific to it bite/attack system. Which is NOT blood..whatever it is that is the super annoying one. But like I said, I saw no one I could talk to about it. But if you’re interested go take a look and learn more yourself! Vampire Rp is not my thing so I didn't do more digging. I just enjoyed the amazing build.

I had fun with the pose for this week. Turlock WANTED me to pop him in the background someplace, as it's a green color. but eh..if I'm going to have a friend make an appearance like that, they will be part of the main photo. And lemme tell you I could NOT find a vampire biting pose that did not look sexual. And sexual and Turlock..is just a no. So hopefully the next green will work out for him to make an appearance.

I went with a pose of me holding a goblet then played with the hud for my avatar to look vampirey. The below shot has a with and without the angry kitty look taken that you can see when you view all my photos from the area.

Click to see bigger

Next color is going to be fun. I have a ton of that shade. Want to find a fun place to explore to contrast the gloom of this sim as well! Now to figure out what to wear and where to go tomorrow. It's my 4th Rez day!
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