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31 March 2012 @ 05:33 pm
Fourth Rez day!  
Part one at least

Oh and it was Wednesday for the record, not today.

part two comes whenever Ambrose gets someplace with an internet connection and can give me this year’s cake. I cannot WAIT to see what he did with my idea of Butterflies and jewels.

For part one I bought myself a present of the most princessy over the top stunning gown I could find, Poem By Fellini Couture. And an amazing jewelry set by a new to me jewelry maker Zuri Rayna called Only You Rose Elite. And I am not in world ATM so I can't grab slurls for either of them.

But holy crap I felt so PRETTY in them. I have my eye on a few other sets by Zuri. And honestly a few gowns by Joy, but her gowns are just so over the top amazing I don't buy them often. Just for special occasions.

Decked out in my finery and a favorite hairstyle I set out to find a castle for my fairy princess self. I wanted something sparkly and shiny and new looking. destination guide was no help there :P At least with the castle section

So I settled for a photo session on my land and this was the results. A cropped version is my new profile photo if you search for me inworld.

Click to see bigger

But later I found the listing for the Rose Theater, and it fit the bill. That theater btw..is HUGE and I need to go back and explore it when I am in a less primmy outfit.

Click to see bigger

Sadly a LOT of shots I took got lost. Why? The new photo taking window in Firestorm. Which is what the official SL viewer uses as well. I HATE it. It doesn't close when a photo is taken and sometimes gives me false messages that the photo got saved. I switched to using ctrl ` which gives me photos twice as large as I usually take. But it still doesn't always save properly. I am so frustrated with this! I want the old system firestorm used back!

I could go back to using Phoenix, Which has the better photo system. but I switched to firestorm as I didn't want to be stuck going WTF am I doing with this whenever Linden pulls the plug on V-1 type viewers. Plus Firestorm's multi alpha layers has allowed me to wear some outfits that call for alpha with OUT me having to make new ones just for that outfit due to my legs.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very open to them!

Enough of whining. I also picked up a new more casual outfit, and I totally don't remember who made it. I plan to wear it in the shoot with my cake but did take a photo of it before that in a skybox. I’ll look up the credits then :P So enjoy a last pretty!

Click to see bigger
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