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02 April 2012 @ 04:30 am
I just got the news! I got accepted to be an official Fantasy faire blogger!!

*chair dances and scares her cats with the squealing*

* * Fantasy Faire 2012, April 21 – 29th * *

A Benefit for Relay for Life
The Story Starts Now… With You!

I don't know who I'll be blogging yet. But I do plan to also blog the builds on the sims. They sound AMAZING and I can not wait to see them.


I know I'll miss the very tail end of it due to opening weekend at OKRF. But I'll have pre opening access a day before and the week of it and the week till the 27 to get in and explore. Oh there will be posts made before I leave for Muskogee!

Now to go sit myself down, stop bouncing around the place and go re read the notecard and links I was given.
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