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12 April 2012 @ 07:17 pm

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Dress - [K~*~S] Raphaela - Gown - Blush SLURL
Jewelry Zuri Rayna~Hummingbird Elite 2 Jewelry SetSLURL
Hair - >TRUTH< Eden SLURL
Pose - ABS Poses My Blue Butterflies TTB Exclusive SLURL
Sim - AliriumSLURL

I wonder how many of you are like me when it comes to this sim. Just darting in for a quick photo but not really EXPLORING it.

Well I decided it was time to dive in and explore this stunning sim. It's really just breathtaking. I found it hard to NOT take a good photo. Unless you line up your camera in the middle of a tree or something nearly all angles are stunning photos waiting to be taken.

You have settings for all four seasons, though the winter segment is rather tiny compared to the other three. With a HUGE fantasy tree as the focal point in the middle of the sim..

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It has a landing point, near a well and some giant bunnies. You can either TP down or fall down the well to the store, and then out the store via two tunnels to the rest of the sim. The store sells some of the beautiful trees and flowers you see about the sim. And the butterflies are free if you join the group.

I chose a random tunnel to go out and ended up starting in the spring section. Spring is followed by fall, then winter then summer. Though you’re going in a circle (square?) around the sim. I believe the other entrance is near fall/winter.

I of course enjoyed the spring the best. But that's just because I love the colors of spring and the flowers. But each season has its own beauty. Especially on Alirium.!

Scattered about randomly are some poses, I found a lily pad that let me float in the water.

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Also tucked about are hidden critters. I was taken by surprised by the painted elephant in Spring! Birds, deer, lizards, just all sorts of critters to track down.

I took soo many photos! Like I said, it’s hard to take a bad photo unless you work at it. Or your camera goes into a tree or something..

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I do have one small complaint and that is, to me, the sim was very laggy. Even when I was the only one in it. I'm not sure if it was server side lag or client side lag though. I did have my draw up to 200 and a poofy dress. But the sim restricts scripts so it wasn't lag due to scripts I had on. I think it may just have been due to the massive amount of alpha stuff.

But I am in bad need of a system upgrade *June!* so your millage may vary. And don't let the threat of lag keep you from exploring this sim better! I am sure there are tons of stuff I missed tucked away in nooks and crannies.

All of my photos are at this link..

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