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21 April 2012 @ 04:33 pm
Fantasy Faire to Benefit Really for life is a GO!!  
I got into the sims yesterday for the blogger previews and have taken SOOO many photos! The sims will just blow you away in how stunning they are. The builders really have outdone themselves. Each one has its own theme and is breathtaking it its own way.

I've been pondering how I wanted to blog the event, the sims, and the stores I was blessed with. Thought about doing one huge post. But you know what? Each sim and each creator is just so amazing they all deserve their own posts! So, that's what you’re getting! Spammy? OH YES. Do I care? Nope! You will totally understand if you pop over and see the sims yourself. My photos really do NOT due them justice.

Don't worry I'll pace myself over a few days and not post them one after each other today. So not THAT spammy.

To start with a little information on the sims and the faire in general. Which I am totally swiping from the website http://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/

This year’s Fantasy Faire will include eight lavishly landscaped shopping sims created by some of the top designers in Second Life. While each sim with have a unique feel to it, they will be connected as one Fairelands, a Fantasy continent. Whether your style be steampunk or fae, mer or gothic you will find yourself at home on several, if not all, the sims and enjoy exploring them all.

There is also a event sim and that is the sim I am going to highlight in this post. It's called Fairelands Junction and was designed by Saiyge Lotus

She did an amazing job with it. It is designed to have a portal to each of the shopping sims, a concert arena and the auction area. My favorite part is the building with the portals to the other sims.

Click to see bigger

Each sim has an archway with a lil taste of what the sim looks like in it. You click it and the map comes up and you can teleport away! If you click to view the rest of my photos you can see each archway. But really you need to see them in world. They have MOVEMENT, so many times in these sims did I wish I could take video. The movement and sounds the builders put in are numerous.

The auction area is outside of the portal building. Walls of items you can bid on and win! Go take a look, bid!!! Every bit goes to help Cancer research.

Click to see bigger

There is also a stage, which currently is hosting the band Mankind Tracer for a concert. Other events will be taking place over the next week. They have a jail and Bail set up, not fully sure how that works but you can ask someone and find out. I've heard plans for a themed hunts to match the storyline of each sim, and lots of other fun stuff! Why are you not there already?!?!

Click to see bigger

Fantasy Faire started today at Noon SLT and goes till April 29th. I'll be missing the last two days due to RL Ren faire but I plan to be hanging about the sims each day I CAN be there. Come find me!!

SLURL to Faire Junction

Link to my photos from the sim
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