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22 April 2012 @ 03:50 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 17  

Week Seventeen:

Shuttle Gray

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Outfit The Sea Hole Who ate dress gift SLURL
HairClawtooth: Mademoiselle SLURL
Pose Eternal Dream Pose Fair 2012 Gift SLURL
Sim The Dark Side by Anely Piers Metaless SLURL

Before I get into my Fantasy faire posts, let’s take a break for Luna's color challenge!

This week’s color was a grey, and I have a hard time with greys. I SOOO lucked out when I found I had a dark grey dress in my inventory I haven't blogged yet! I wanted to go find a colorful sim to explore, but I also wanted something that wouldn’t take me to long. Colorful was out for that apparently! The Dark side is a sim in shades of grey just like the dress! But It was so interesting I didn't care!

So for color I used a rainbow holding pose I had picked up at Pose fair. Hey that worked for me!

An interesting feature of this sim is the land itself is shaped, into a hand and a ball. Not many sims use the LAND like this. Only a few that I have been too. It also used a windlight setting that made things even greyer. Did make taking photos a little hard due to if I faced the wrong way there was no lighting!

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I loved the birdcage on the round island and the two winged moons.

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There are enough lil things to discover that if you want a place to discover weird whimsical things but not spend a lot of time. Go to The Dark side!

all my photos can be seen here

Now to get to work on Fantasy faire posts!!
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