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22 April 2012 @ 09:36 pm
Vaengi at Fantasy Faire  
And to start with the first of my Creator posts I go with the one I asked for and was given Vaengi!

If you’re wondering why I asked for her specifically. Vaengi USED to be Seven's Selections. Yes Seven of the Fish fame. But his sister, Jen Shikami, makes wings. Wings that I have worn since day one in Secondlife. I love Jen's wings so much. I'm constantly answering the question "Your wings are fabulous where did you get them?"

So when I saw that she was going to be in Fantasy Faire I jumped to blog her! And she's not only a creator, but a sponsor of the faire!

I asked her about the name change. She said when she made the decision to split off from her Brothers arcade and move the store, that a name change would be a good idea too. Not only did some people have problems spelling Seven's Selections properly but Vaengi is a more fantasy sounding name. It's Icelandic for Wings!

I received a very generous blogger package from her, with not only her Relay wings but all of her newer styles she's created. Like all her wings they come in ten colors per style and are resizable from super tiny to Dragon huge! As well as several other options. And the wings come with a build in flight script, so no more need for flight feathers if you use those! She has two offerings for the faire that you can pick up in her store in the RFL vendors for a donation of L250. That's TEN wings for that little! I've always thought of her wings as such a bargain for what all you get.

Her brand new wings are called Angel Gabriel Wings, and are curved flexi wings. She's quite excited about them, as there are not many curved flexi wings on the grid, if any others at all. Plus they are quite stunning. Perfect for an Angle or anthro bird. You even get three sets that are tintable!

Click to see bigger

Her other offering is a redo of an current set of wings, her Ragged Fairy Wings. She's developed this stunning Iridescent texture for her wings and the first wings to get them is the Ragged Fairy. The RFL offerings has four shades in the iridescent texture and the rest are purple shades of the other styles the wings come in, Including tintable ones! The Gabriel wings also come with this texture but to me it looks far better on the fairy style wings of the Ragged.

And she's told me that eventually my Dotty wings will get it. And then I will at long last change wings. Sorta..*grins* Same shape and color *I think* just shimmery!

Click to see bigger

Both wing can also be purchased in various shade packs in none Relay vendors. For the same price of L250.

When you stop by there is also a basket with a freebie in it that she changes daily!

For more information check out her blog at http://www.vaengi.com/

f you want to visit her main shop just pop over to it here
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