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23 April 2012 @ 02:48 am
Shadow's Claw - A Fantasy Faire Sim.  
I settled on an order for my Fantasy faire posts. Designer, sim, Sim - Repeat till done! Since there are 8 sims, I have four designers and also want to make a post showing off the pretties I bought, that made the most sense to me!

I'll start with a Sim I started my explorations with! Shadow's Claw. I started there by random. I spun my camera around in the portal room and clicked and off I went!

Click for shop list and map of Shadow's Claw

SLURL To Shadow's Claw

Click to see bigger

The sim is designed by Laufey Markstein and on the designers page he refer to it as a mountainous terrain thick with the scent of pine and covered with rocky crags that ride all manner of secrets, possibly even dragons.

In a talk with him about his inspiration for the sim, he said he had envisioned it as a ruined village that had been attacked and destroyed, possibly by dragons! His original concept had lots of smoking ruins and fires still going, but that would have caused some lag issues so he went with a Viking village that had been destroyed some time ago. I don't know if it was planned or not, but the Isle of Wyrms has their fantasy faire store on the sim. I found it rather fitting.

Click to see bigger

The Sim itself is gorgeously terraformed, the land melding with the builds so they rather are a part of each other. And has hidden secrets along the borders to find. Some accessible by rope bridges, others are not. Laufey says he likes the sim to be viewed with a night setting, but I can't remember if I switched to a day setting or it hadn't been set yet when I visited, or it doesn't have a windlight setting. I did go back and take some night photos after learning it is how it was meant to be seen.

Click to see bigger

Laufey is also the owner and creator behind the store T R I D E N T , and you can get to his main store by clicking here

As the Sim sponsor his store on Shadow's Claw is right at the sim landing point! SLURL

And you can see all my photos of Shadow's Claw by clicking this link!

Click to see bigger
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