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24 April 2012 @ 12:56 am
Jungle Bungle - A Fantasy Faire Sim.  
The Next sim I'm showing off o my tour of Fantasy Faire sims is Jungle Bungle

Click for Shop list and map of Jungle Bungle

Click for SLURL to Jungle Bungle

Ok, so I seriously, want to EAT this sim. Mayah Parx AKA the Toymaker, made a fantastic chocolate fantasy for this sim.

Click to see bigger

I asked her what inspired such a nommalcious build and she said Jack and the Beanstalk! Which is why the centerpiece of the sim is a beanstalk, giant and a huge lake of chocolate! Her story is that Jack did not cut the beanstalk down to get away from the giant, but because the stalks sap is the most amazing chocolate ever! So down it came, and now it seeps chocolate, which jack sells and has become rich. The falling of the beanstalk caused some giant furniture to fall down, so the elves that live near the lake turned them into houses!

It’s a fun fantastic sparkly sim that really appeals to my fae nature. It really MUST be seen in world to appreciate it. There is so much movement and sparkles! And giant candy, and truffula trees and people trees and chocolate and..oh it’s just a FUN FUN build!!

Click to see bigger

In my exploring of the sim I found lots of little areas to just, sit back and relax and watch the people go by. Really people watching at Fantasy faire is amazing. To see the creativity of the folk that come to it. Your mind can and will be blown! It's just outstanding the variety of avatars you see! From the HUGE HUGE HUGE!! To the super teeny Tiny!! And they are all there to help support Relay for Life and fund a cure for Cancer!

Toymaker has given us such an amazing place to play in. She's both a sim builder and sponsor for Jungle Bungle. And looking at what she's done for the sim, and the items in her main store it's just amazing. She is the owner and creative mind behind the Epic Toy factory, a sim I really MUST get my tail to and explore soon. *slurl*

Click to see bigger

As Sim sponsor, her store would be right at the landing pointt, but she's rather NOT put out anything to sell yet, as the whole sim is her vision. But she will be getting her Relay item vendors out soon and, and when that happens I will most likely end up buying whatever it is she's got in them. The more I see of her work the more I am loving it.

One of the creators I am assigned to has her store on Jungle as well. I'll be covering her in my next post but if you go and look at all of the photos I took of the sim you can get a bit of a sneak peak!

Now, I need to go find some chocolate in this house to eat....oh look..M&Ms....

And ending this post with a very fitting song..for both the sim and The Toymaker, as she lives in a world of Pure Imagination!

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