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24 April 2012 @ 12:49 pm
Dragon Magick Wares at Fantasy Faire  
Time for another of my amazing stores to promote! Dragon Magick Wares By Dragonia Decuir

Dragonia is a builder of wonderful whimsical houses, furniture and landscaping items.

Her Relay offering of a Petite Secret Hideaway tree has been blogged by, a number of people, so I thought I’d focus on another of her relay items. The Pixar's UP inspired Storybook House . For a donation of 300 you get a fantastical two story home. That is the right size for a smaller plot, but also still has plenty of room inside.

Click to see bigger

You can see the UP influence with the balloons, and I quite like the touch of it resting on an open book. It boasts two floors, two large rooms and two smaller rooms. Both of the larger rooms come with a carpet and a fireplace.

Click to see bigger

Outside you have a lovely ramshackle picket fence, and my favorite feature, a birdhouse with three birds, that chirp and twitter. Best of all the birdhouse can be removed to save prims, OR if like me you have a house, but like the birdies, you can set it out on its own!

Click to see bigger

If you come visit her store on Jungle Bungle you'll see she has a wide range of buildings. Including quite a number of items for the Petites out there. She gifted me with one of her other large builds and a petite house, both of which can be seen on my gallery of items by her at this link. The Mossy covered Petite Elven cottage is quite sizable for Petites, plenty of room to stretch your lil legs in it!

She has a store blog at http://dragonmagickwares.wordpress.com/ and you can visit her main store at SLURL to see a wider range of her items, many of which are rezed for you to explore.
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