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25 April 2012 @ 12:11 am
The Fairelands Saga  

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A hunt has started today in the Fantasy Faire. It's a relatively simple hunt but fun. Mad Peas created a Hud for the faire, which you can buy for a donation of 100 at the following locations :

Fairelands Junction Gateway Portal
Fairelands Junction Library
Devil’s Locket Arrival Point
Jungle Bungle Arrival Point
Meandervale Arrival Point
Shadow’s Claw Arrival Point

Put the hud on, I had to adjust mine some. You'll get a riddle and off to a sim you'll go! The riddles are also on this page, along with more information than I am giving you.

You’re looking for broken shards of a mirror Solve the riddle, find the shard and click it. It appears on your hud. This then allows you to click books in various stores on each sim and get a prizes. Make sure you click at LEAST one book per sim. Otherwise when you have all the shards and travel to the Library for the grand prize it won’t work. I found that out the hard way!

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It's a fun way to explore the sims a bit better and that 100L goes right to Relay for life! There is one shard per sim, but the amount of books varies according to which sellers have them out. On the page I linked to above there are links to pages showing who on each sim has a book out.

So go have a fun hunt!! *shoos towards a hunt vendor * go..get!!
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