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25 April 2012 @ 02:33 am
Ruins of Nu Orne - A Fantasy Faire Sim.  
Posts are going to be a few more a day then I had been doing. I am behind the schedule I gave myself to do these posts in so I have to post more per day then planned. This is due to my wonderful husband Adar constantly pulling me into the Living room to "watch this episode with me" of the show he's watching on Netflix. Also the mirage that knocked me out for most of Tuesday afternoon did not help either.

Ah well, I am enjoying the HECK outta Fantasy Faire, More so then I have in years past. I put that solely on being more involved this year than previous years. I am making new friends, picking up some new pretties and most importantly, raising funds for a cause I believe in and support a lot.

The sim I bring to you in this post is The Ruins of Nu Orne. A stunning jungle ruins with many secrets to find by exploring it.

Shop list and map of The Ruins of Nu Orne

SLURL to The Ruins of Nu Orne

The Nu Orne is created by Elicio Ember, and the sim Sponsor is Arcanum .

Click to see bigger

The sim itself is a wonderful fantasy jungle, Lush with strange vegetation that glows and floats. And hidden secrets to find. I asked Elicio what inspired the design of the sim and he told me the buildings are based on a Cambodian/Balinese buildings with strong influence of the city of Ankor-Wat in Cambodia. The jungle is fantasy inspired from many sources, and the name of the sim is Tolkien’s elvish for Under Tree.

Put it all togehter and you get a sim with breath taking views. As I am writing this post I am perched up on top of the light house on the sim looking out over it..and the below picture is the view I get..

Click to see bigger

Breath taking ! Just Breath taking. The light house itself is something to see, and can be won at the silent auctions over on The Fairelands Junction .

I love the vegetation he "grew" for this build. Granted I am a sucker for the giant mushrooms, but also the glowy flowers are amazing! Some of the rotate colors! And everything is so lush and thick, it makes me want to go grab Adar and let him explore just for the amusement of seeing my Indianan Jones Dragon in a fitting setting!

Speaking of dragons, there is one hiding in the jungle. See if you can find it! I didn't till I saw a photo of it on someone else’s blog about the Ruins. And I would be completely not surprised to learn that there are more secrets hidden in the ruins that I have not found yet.

Click to see bigger

As Elicio is not the sim sponsor his store is not right at the landing point. However his store is on this sim at this spot
And his main store of Cerridwen’s Cauldron is at this location

The Sim Sponsor is The Arcanum, maker of fantasy magic huds. Of which I own a few I believe. Their sim store is of course at the landing point and their main store is here

Click to see bigger

You can see more of my photos of The Ruins of Nu Orne at this page
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