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25 April 2012 @ 04:13 pm
Shifting Sands – A Fantasy Faire Sim.  
I've had sleep so now it’s time for another post! This time, The wonderfully magical sim of Shifting Sands

Shop list and map of Shifting Sands

SLURL to Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands is created by Kayle Black and sponsored by Solarium

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I asked Kayle about the story behind Sands and he told me what it is. The Hourglass that holds the sands of time has broken, turning a green tundra into a desert in a flash. The newly formed desert became a hotspot for black-market traders and archaeologists, since due to the sands, treasure and ruins appear from time to time. They came to learn, or to steal and sell the relics and items that show up. They built a bazaar around one of the excavation sights, made sure there was water, and decided to raise funds to cure cancer as a side job!

He told me something else about the sim, but I'm not sure I should reveal that myself! But it’s about the scene below..

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This sim is another of those that has delightful moving bits. Loads of animated pouring sand. And the wind light setting that Kayle used makes you almost able to feel the heat of the place, and the abrasive wind on your face.

One thing I really like about the sim, heck they managed this with all the sims in fact, is that the edges between the sims are not hard dividing lines but blend into one another as gently as possible.

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And I have a small confession to make, ever since I stepped foot into this sim, I wanted to find a sand castle animation, plop it and myself down and build a castle. The search for that made me realize that there is a lack of decent sand castle animations out there. That are meant for adults anyway. But I did find one and YES I plopped my rump down and built it

Click to see bigger

Kayle Black is the genius behind the Garden of Dreams, and he declined to have a store in Fantasy faire this year. But you can go to his amazing sim at SLURL to check out more of her work. I explored this sim for fall last year and you can see that post here

The sim is sponsored by Solarium, who make a fine line of magic and sci Fi Huds. including a full set of Every Lantern Corps Power ring out there! For those NOT in the know about the Lantern Corps, it’s a DC comics thing dealing with the Green Lantern Corps, plus all the other colors of the spectrum AND black and white! You can get to their Fantasy faire store at the landing point to the sim and their main store is at this location

You can see more of my photos of Shifting Sands at this page
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