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25 April 2012 @ 07:31 pm
Oran at Fantasy Faire  
I got to have a lovely talk with the owner of Oran, on the first day of the faire. And learned that while she does have two lovely items up for sale in relay Kiosks, what she is really wanting to promote is her sims and "way of Sl Living" which I’ll get more into after showing off her wares!

Click to see bigger

SLURL to her store on the Devil's Locket Sim of Fantasy film. SLURL

She gave me two items to blog, and I have to admit I took kinda sucky photos of them. I wasn't fully sure how else to shoot them so I just did sky platform shoots. Please forgive!

The first item is an armchair, with several animations in it. With a click it will also give you a folder with a book, newspaper and a cup, all of which you can wear with the matching animation in the chair..

Click to see bigger

It also comes with the matching food stool. Quite cozy and I love the texture on it.

The other item is a fantastic Pirate Bar!

Click to see bigger

The stools all have sitting animations in it and the bar itself has a barkeep animation. IF you click on the barrel you get a drinks list, with a huge variety of drinks. And the bottle of rum give well, rum.

The texture work on this is so detailed. Even behind the bar has bottles! Oh and I float as I have a kinda short by SL standards.

Click to see bigger

Her main store is located at this spot

Now onto what she told me she was really trying to promote.

A fighting /sailing lifestyle, She feels that a lot of folk don't get past the clubs and shopping phase and wants to let them know there is FAR more out there! And her favorite thing to do is live a pirate lifestyle in Secondlife. If you stop by her shop in Fantasy Faire you can pick up a wealth of information and landmarks of pirate sims to go visit. As well as a few free pirate outfits to get you started towards a life of RUM!

The main sims she's promoting is Oceans realm a grouping of pirating and sailing sims. If your interested make sure you go check them out. And I am sure you can ask Inish Karu for more information if you need it!
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