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26 April 2012 @ 12:44 am
Devil's Locket – A Fantasy Faire Sim.  
Devi's locket is an awesome steampunky sim with a bit of a tropical desert touch to it!

Shop list and map of Devil's Locket

SLURL to Devil's Locket

Devil's Locket is created by Lauren Thibaud and sponsored by Rustica

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Lauren has told me that Devil's Locket is a desert Steampunk sim, The underwater mine in it was abandoned when it was discovered that the fire gems are unstable. After finding that out the residents left it leaving the village to fall into disrepair, but after many years others came. Bringing with them the power of STEAM!! They rebuilt the buildings, adding their own touches to them, mimicking the original design in copper steam pipes. The newcomers don't know what to make of the fire gems, why do they become unstable? What do do with them!? Time will tell!

From the active volcanos on the edge, to the ruins and traps in the depths of its water. Devils locket is full of secrets its just not telling. But if you work at it maybe you can discover some of them!

The middle of the sim is a large lagoon, that has many items left behind in it. Items left behind by the former mining operations. So if you go exploring be wary! Not only of the abandoned mines, but there is a shark as well! Which I never could get a photo of..

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Ringing the lagoon is the stores, in ..I think Moroccan style buildings. The best thing I found was this HUGE steampunky elephant on the landing point. Which is up for auction, or so I have been told. I loved the thing on first sight. It's just so fantastic.

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The designer Lauren Thibaud does not seem to have a store in Fantasy Faire, that I could find. But her Main store is called Lauren at the Landing and is at this location

The sim is sponsored by Rustica, and their fantasy faire store is of course at the landing point. And their main store is at this location

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You can see more of my photos of Devil's locket at this page
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