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26 April 2012 @ 08:19 am
Siren's Secret – A Fantasy Faire Sim.  
Time to slip into your fins and dive on into the magical mer themed sim of the faire!

Shop list and map of Siren's Secret

SLURL to Siren's Secret

Siren's Secret is the second sim created by Elicio Ember for Fantasy Faire and it is Sponsored by Booshies.

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Not sure how well it is known, but I am a such a sucker for a beautiful underwater sim. And by gum Siren's is a STUNNING underwater sim. Elicio managed to produce not just ONE but two amazing sims for the faire this year. His inspiration for Sirens was European architecture with a bit of a twist for the buildings. And the underwater was meant to be a primitive and a bit alien looking.

The buildings are these wonderfully twisty looking things. And the road is a bit under water, so like I said, pull out your fins, or your hip waders!! And while the shops are stunning enough on their own, the sim really shines once you get under water.

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Giant clams, coral reefs, sunken ships, ruins, underwater vents, there is just SO much to swim around and explore under the water. I've spent hours under it and I keep finding new little hidden things. Just like in Nu Orne, which is by the same designer.

There's even an hidden statue of Cthulu! See if you can find him!

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Like Nu Orne, Siren's also has a light house, which is also up for auction. It holds the same crystal beacon thingamabob, but its house is completely different

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I am enjoying just being a cat fish about the sim, pulled out one of my mer dances and I'm currently dancing with the sharks.

As I said before Elico is not a sim sponsor, However his store is on this sim at this spot
And his main store of Cerridwen’s Cauldron is at this location

The sim Sponsor is Booshies, a new type of breedable pet. They don't have a public store yet. They are also my last creator so I will be giving more information on them in my next post. You can get to their store on the sim at the landing point.

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You can see all my photos of Siren's Secret at this link
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