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26 April 2012 @ 05:24 pm
Booshies at Fantasy Faire  
Booshies is a brand new creator in Secondlife, debuting at the Faire. They are to be a new type of breedable pet on the grid. From what I have seen and learned of them, they WILL change the face of breedables in major ways. PLUS they are to DIE for cute!

Booshies is the sim sponsor of Siren's Secret and their store is at the landing point.

Click to see bigger

Booshies isn't just one critter with different coats, it’s a NUMBER of different critters with different aspects. And honestly there is a TON of information about them, so much I can't really cover it all. But I will sum up. And link to where you can learn more!

This is the blurb about them from their Webpage

So... what are "Booshies"?

Booshies are fantastic, elemental creatures that roam the world of Booshtopia before finding you, their human friend who can help them reach their full potential.

With new species popping up all the time, a myriad of colorful story characters to find and interact with, challenges to face and rewards to earn, you'll never run out of things to do with Booshies!

When booshies are at last released into the wilds of Secondlife, you'll be able to breed them, battle them, play with them, and explore Booshtopia. What all that entails exactly, I'm really not sure about yet. But from what I saw at the faire and have read it looks and sounds VERY exciting!

They have a FAQ up on their blog of questions that have arisen since faire has started. Right now you can't buy and then go and play with a Booshie, you buy a voucher for when they are released. Buying one NOW give you a special Fantasy Faire only Booshie to obtain. There is also a special faire only price.

HOWEVER, they do have something other than a voucher to buy, and that is what is in their RFL kiosk, for a donation of 250L. What can you buy? A Booshitar! Which is an avatar of one of four booshies! And I am surprised the entire WORLD did not hear my squeal when I unpacked mine and saw how adorable they are!

Here they are for your viewing pleasure! I took each Booshie to a Sim in Fantasy faire that I felt matched what its natural Habitat would be and photographed it there.

First Up! The Urpy! Which looks kind alike a cross between a beaver, squirrel and platypus. I took it to Shadow's Claw.

Click to see bigger

Next is the Pendle, which is a bird seal critter. Very cute. I took it to Siren's Secret of course!

Click to see bigger

Thirdly we have the Girecko, which is an adorable lil dinosaur like critter.

Click to see bigger

And lastly, we have my favorite of the four, the Equylon, which is a lil pony like critter

Click to see bigger

I don't know how modifiable these lil guys are, but I DID slap some Vaengi wings onto the Equylon and went prancing around the sims like that for a while.

As the Booshies are still in development, they don't have a main store you can access yet, from what I was told anyway. So if you want in on these early get your tail to Fantasy faire ASAP!!

You can see more tempting photos of the shop at the faire to whet your taste for these in my photos here.

They also have a facebook, Flickr and Plurk. As well as an in world group you can join, Search for Booshies!

Both the Flickr and the Facebook have sneaky peaks at some of the OTHER Booshies that will be available, including the incredibly adorable and I WANT ONE SO BAD Felitera

So like I said..GET YOUR TAIL TO FANTASY FAIRE AND PICK UP A VOUCHER!! I've got mine already!
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