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27 April 2012 @ 12:32 am
The Tides - A Fantasy Faire Sim  
The Tides is a stunning Greco-Roman sim very reminiscent of Atlantis.

Shop list and map of The Tides

SLURL to The Tides

The Tides is both sponsored by and Created by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc.

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When I asked Alia about his inspiration and any story behind the sim he gave me a note card with a lot of background on it. The basic idea is there used to be two races living there. Races at odds with one another, one of the sky one of the sea. There is more to it, and I don't know how you're to find out yourself but it’s a lovely story! Maybe it will end up on the website

The build itself is stunning in its simplicity, shining white towers and bridges rising up out of the sea on the backs of marble titans.

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It's become one of the most popular sims of the Faire, in part I believe due to a visitor that has been calling it home. A giantess, who you will see in the l last post on the faire I make. She's AMAZING. Towering higher than the build itself! While standing in the water. And yes I am teasing you by telling and not showing!

She hangs around the landing point, which is ringed by some fabulous "bronze" statues.

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My next photo is a bit of a funny. On Friday when the bloggers where getting their sneak peak not all the store owners where ready. Alia just had a parrot in his at that time. I told him I'd take a photo of it and blog it. So..here is his fabulous parrot!

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I found it after he got his store set up. I'm not even sure if he'll remember I said I'd be sure to blog it! *giggles*

As I said before Alia is sim creator and Sponsor so his store will be at the landing point.

His main shop in world is at this location

And you can see all the photos I took of this sim here Including a few more shots of the Parrot!!

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