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27 April 2012 @ 05:25 am
Meandervale A fantasy Faire Sim  
And so we're now at the last of the Fantasy Faire Sims. The peaceful and whimsical Meandervale.

Shop list and map of Meandervale

SLURL to Meandervale

Meandervale is designed and sponsored by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee of the Looking Glass

Click to see bigger

Last year Marcus and Sharni did a build for Fantasy fairy that was very dark. This year they wanted to do something lighter, and a bit surreal. Inspired by a painting of Windmills with butterfly wings, They took that idea and built the sim around it. I'm going to assume the painting is this one by Kush, at the time of talking to me Marcus could not remember the artist.

The giant fruit laying about was just a bit of a fun thing to add, and make it a little more well, surreal!

Now that that is known. I just have to say this.

I Freaking LOVE the windmills!! If I had a spot for one I would SO want one! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Click to see bigger

The windmills are scattered about wide fields of grass with streams that well, meander, among them. Scattered about re giant fruit, light bulb plants and huge sunflowers.

There is also a rocking Horse Ranch. Which I also adore, and I DID pick up the horses! *squee* I'd love a real world version of them in fact!

Click to see bigger

There's a number of items scattered about you can pose with. Not just the rocking horses.

Drifting in one of the streams is a butterfly tree boat, which is one of the designers relay items you can pick up at their store. Quite peaceful. I love how they actually rock on the water.

Click to see bigger

The sim sponsor and designers store is the same and of course is at the Landing point. Their main store is at this location

I've got a few more photos of the sim at this link.

Click to see bigger

I've got one more post to make before I head off to perform at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival In Muskogee. One showing off some of the Relay items I picked up and talking about the fun things that happened! I'll make that after I get some sleep before I head out.

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