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27 April 2012 @ 01:52 pm
So Long, Faire well.  

While Fantasy Faire will be going strong till Sunday night. I won’t be able to be at it. I'll be far away from my computer and internet access, and WAY too busy to even THINK about logging on anyway. At my own Faire in Oklahoma. I MIGHT be able to catch the last couple hours Sunday night, but it’s going to depend on how dead I am when I get home. It's a three hour drive from where I live to the Castle In Muskogee!

So now is the time to post a wrap up for me. I've picked out six outfits to show off and some fun highlights to show off. And I've figured out how to cut a blogger post so HEY at least the photo spam won’t be super bad! Unless you get the direct link to this post.

We'll start with showing off the goodies. WHICH since you have the weekend still you can go GET YOURSELF!!! All but two of them are Relay Exclusive items. At RFL events I do try to just buy items in the Kiosks, but sometimes there is something that is just too perfect I have to get it. HEY supporting the creators as well as Relay for Life is important!

I chose to narrow down the items I'm showing off to six, but I did pick up more, as well as none clothing items. But I felt six was a good number to show off. And some photos have more than one item in them anyway! I forgot to write down the pose and hair I used in the shots, so I'm just listing the clothing.

Click to see bigger

*Evie's Closet* Lenka - Juniper The Tides

Trident Rose Heart Necklace [Silver/Amethyst] Shadow's Claw

Photo taken in Shifting Sands

This is one of the none event exclusive gowns. Kinda. Evie does have a Relay version of this dress, but I liked the Juniper color better than the Relay color so picked it up instead. She also has another gown and a petite outfit up in her store on the Tides.

The necklace however IS an event exclusive from Trident on Shadow's claw.

Click to see bigger

*+.RP.+* SeaRose_Sakuramochi

:+:SS:+: Mermaid Pearl Diving prop

Both stores and the photo are on Siren's Secret

Now this pose I DO know who made it, as it's one of Faery's relay offerings for Studio Sidhe! I also searched for a while to find a pink mertail to wear in the photo. This one is a relay offering by CelestialRay. And you can pick it up in a number of shades.

Click to see bigger

Nomine Jailbait Catherine Dress - RLF purple on Devil's Locket
Photo taken at Shadow's Claw

Click to see bigger

!Simply Fae! Dart Frog Fairy outfit Purple on Jungle Bungle

:+:SS:+: Not Quite Cupid on Siren's Secret

Photo taken at on Jungle Bungle

This is the other none event exclusive gown. Though Simply Fae does have a longer version of it in a Kiosk. Which I also picked up, I just liked the shorter one better.

The pose is Faery's other relay offering, A Pose for a biggie and a Petite avatar. And my lovely Petite model is Skye McLeod, Who was kind enough to answer the call from a stranger needing a petite for a photo shoot. I did have to adjust her placement on my shoulder as otherwise my muzzle was in her belly and that looked weird. Ahh the funs of being a fur!

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Grim Bros. Patchwork Princess gown on Meandervale

!! MOONSTRUCK !! Spring Song 1 Light brown tinted red on Meandervale

Photo taken at Meandervale

Yeah had to tint a the hair, Moonstruck does not make my shade of red :P But the hair was pretty so I picked it up anyway.

Click to see bigger

FallnSanakaDressFFExclusive on The Ruins of Nu Orne

Photo taken at The Ruins of Nu Orne

And that's the end of my fashion show :P

Now for some babbling. Then a few more photos. Then more babbling!

This was the first year I have really been into Fantasy faire. In previous years it was more stealthy like, mostly due to lag. watch blogs for what I wanted, find out if favorite stores had shops, get in grab stuff, look around a bit and get out!

This year, as a blogger for the faire, It was just different. And I am sure that it is because I got to be an official blogger. And not because I got to go in early and got some free stuff. It's the people I met. The backstage group is just BURSTING with many talent wonderful people that work HARD to make this a fun event. Hats off to them all. They made me feel welcomed into their fold. And that made the event so amazing for me.

They are passionate about the cause, and working with people that are as passionate, if not more so, about something you care about makes for an fantastic time. Watching the total donations for the event go up, hearing stories. It just can bring tears to your eyes. Thank you all. Especially Ember, Dagmar and the Toymaker.

Now for the Fun Photos!! I'll pick a few out and you can see the rest of them at this link. And if you want to know what’s going on in a photo I Don't highlight, ask :P LEAVE COMMENTS I LOVES THEM!! I just wish I had taken more photos. Or at the very least remembered to move the fun photos out of the sim shoot photos :P

And gosh darn it, I'm HORRIBLE with names. And forgot to write stuff down so I could remember them. Id yourself if you want to please!

Click to see bigger

Yes, that’s a dino wearing a set of Vaengi wings!

Click to see bigger

And here she is, the teased about giantess! Told you she was huge!

Click to see bigger

...crap..I just had a total mind fart on what the name of the band is..

Click to see bigger

Party in the sands!

Click to see bigger

A chatbot named Hal I found in the bottom of Sirens. He was amusing for a while. Then Ember booted him due to a high script count.

Click to see bigger

Those two trees in the front? PEOPLE!!

And now the last photo. Which is an interactive art installation in Nu Orne. You can get more information on how you can participate at this link.

Click to see bigger

I have a boat already floating on it. Go see if you can find it.

And..that is my last post for Fantasy faire. Now to go get ready to run off to a Renaissance faire in Oklahoma.

And hey, if you have the time and feel like it, I'll be there EVERY weekend starting this weekend going till Memorial day. The Castle in Muskogee, Oklahoma! Come find me in the Fairy Glen! I'm the pink fairy one with the cat tail.
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