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03 June 2012 @ 04:49 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 23  

Week Twenty Three:


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Outfit[lvs&co]Royal Spring Fae Dress Marketplace only
Jewelry Zuri's Romantica Elite Jewelry Set Boxed SLURL
Hair*Evie's Closet* Butterfly Effect - Crazy Hair hunt Prize tinted red
Pose SP_Ballgown Elegance Poses 10 Pack (BOX) SLURL
Sim Fruit Islands Rainforest SLURL

The photobomber is my Housemate Turlock Ort and he's wearing some modded Ironman outfit and I don't have the info for it :P

So, my housemate has been bugging me to let him photo bomb on a green shade. So this week we did it. You can see the results. Yes he's a comic geek. If you want to know where he got the outfit poke him :P I think it was some full perm freebie he grabbed way back when we first got on SL and the movie had just come out.

This color was a right royal pain in my tail to find. Such a lurid shade of green, and did I file shades in that tone under light green or medium green? Ugh! Oh and I should add I HATE pistachios. They are totally nasty tasting. But I did find this way over the top gown to wear. So I added some way over the top hair to it. I think the gown may have been an old hunt prize. I can't find it on the marketplace. I know the hair was. I wish Evie would do more fun hair in more shades! I love the hair to bits.

The location is Andrek Lowel's newest creation. An animal filled Jungle island. Lots of fun hidden areas, but no classic Andrek quest. *sad fae kitty* But its his usual amazing build and well worth exploring, just to count the animals! Birds, lizards, snakes, other critters...even fish !!

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It's got lots of pose props scattered about, including this stump which put me in the most ridicules looking pose EVER. At least while wearing the way over the top gown I have on..

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Next to one water area there was a box that said, click to feed the piranhas. So I clicked..and PIRANHA FEEDING FRENZY!! That I logged Adar on briefly so I could set my camera to get underwater shots and still feed them...so enjoy his cameo

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I enjoyed my time on the sim, I'm sure I didn't even find all the hidden areas. So go see what you can find!

You can see all my photos at this link
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