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05 June 2012 @ 03:35 am
Flori & The Nectubloom Rising  

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*{ SeVered GarDeN }* TAMU - classic SLURL
!!Calico Creations!! Leah- Blood SLURL

Remember Booshies from when I blogged Fantasy Faire? Well this week they are having a weeklong event which will give you a peek into the Booshtopia sim. It's a quest and will take you not only to the Booshies Sim but to a few others.

It's called Flori & The Nectubloom Rising And here is a link to the official post about it. Basically, go to the sim, visit Flori, she gives you a hud *FREE* you click on the Nectublooms about the sim and then go find some on a few other sims, come back and get a prize!

Also please note the bit at the bottom of the page.

This event is NOT the release of the official Booshies game.
It is completely free to partake in this event. Do not pay anyone anything to participate.

You will NOT be redeeming your pre-orders at this event.
Your participation in this event is for FUN ONLY and does not imply that you are part of the actual game's beta test or that you are playing the actual game of Booshies.
This event is a pre-cursor to the actual Booshies story.

The items you will receive upon completion of the quest are two different items.
One will be wearable by your Second Life avatar and will appear in your Second Life inventory.
The Booshies item will credit to your account on our servers once we release.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you enjoy the event! :)

I obviously partook of it and asked if it would be alright to Blog in and was told that was fine. So here is my post!

The Booshtopia is stunning. It's not finished, or they took up parts of it and will put them back down later, but what is down is just amazing. I cannot WAIT To see it in full! At least I think it’s not finished, there is stuff I have seen in preview photos, blog posts and vids that I couldn't find.

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The store is set up, but all that is in it right now are preorder sets and the Booshitars, the ones I got for fantasy faire and a few new ones. That apparently got put out for a Breedables faire I MISSED due to being offline. Which means I missed out on a RFL version of the Felitera Booshitar. I do now own one of the normal Felitera Booshitars, which is adorable and I lufs it but it’s not PURPLE. Oh well. Now having seen more than the sketch on Facebook I want them in Booshies form even more. SO CUTE!!! *flails*

Annnnyyywwaaayyy, it’s a fantastic build. Floating rock trees, Flori's glad is just stunning, and MUSHROOMS. We all know I am a sucker for pretty mushrooms.

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And I loved how they had random Booshies just scattered about. Living the Booshie life! The only one I didn't find that I knew about from Booshitars was the Pendle, and now that I am thinking about it I'm not sure if I saw a Bonkle. There are a TON of Beefluzas, as they are a part of the event. Rather pretty butterfly lizard things. And one..ONE Felitera!

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I wandered all over and made sure I found all the flowers on the sim before I headed off to other sponsor sims. I only needed to go to four, each sponsor sim has 5 flowers. There's a decent selection of sims to go visit but I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you choose Boosh Edge Cliff *slurl* as one of them. I took two photos of that sim and its on the page with all my photos I took tonight. This sim is amazing in its own right and I plan to go back to take more.

Oh and a tip, make SURE your in chat range, if not right up against, the flowers before you click them. Or else it wont register on your hud, but the flower WILL say you clicked it already. I did that a few times and that’s why I went to four sponsor sims instead of three.

The hunt runs till Sunday the 10th so you have a week to go complete it!
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