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10 June 2012 @ 03:28 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 24  

Week Twenty Four:

Raspberry Glace

Click for bigger

Outfit!~SSF~! Aleera's Vampire Gown SLURL
Jewelry*DayDream* necklace _fall in love_ store no longer seems to exist..
Hair*.:EMO-tions:. * DAPHNE * SLURL
Pose Oomph! - Behold the Light candle Prop Pose Marketplace only
SimTyrehl Byk's Almost Flat Land SLURL

And with this color I have now managed to wear all of the Van Helsing Vampire gowns by Suki's Silken Fashions! WOOT!! I actually had a number of choices for this shade, once I looked in the pink folder instead of the purple. But went with this one to complete the set. The other two I wore for week 13 of this year’s 52 weeks and Week 3 of the first run.

I remembered the hard time I had finding a vampire sim I felt comfy in from week 13 so I just picked an interesting sounding sim from the destination guide. Tyrehl Byk's Almost Flat Land was defiantly interesting! There is a bit of a story to the build, make sure you find the diary and read it. And make sure your sound and media is working. The sound effects that are set up are rather creepy and fitting.

You'll start out in a cave with some information, mostly about the media settings. then tp down to the build. Where you start in a ruined hall

Click to see bigger

Which has some fantastic lighting in it. I really wish I could do shadows as I bet this hall looks AMAZING with them. explore it, take note of the little things! They may tie back to the story. There is no real quest here, other than to find the diary. It’s just...experiencing the story really.

The hall eventually opens up onto the titular...Almost Flat Land.. and a small abandoned campsite.

Click to see bigger

You should soon find the diary, read it, it’s a hud that attaches to your screen. Then explore the rest. Which is mostly a particle show. But SO well done. I was impressed with it! And again SOUNDS MAKE THIS SIM!! And many of the particle effects are triggered by you walking near them so walk around and explore!

Click to see bigger

Eventually you'll find an underwater teleport disk which takes you up to another level, full of neon looking trees. Just go forwards through them. It’s easy to get lost and turned around if you don't.

Click to see bigger

When you get to the end, well I don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say first I was so startled by something I screamed a little, then I started chanting Moisturize me..

Though if you look through all of my photos of the sim you can figure it out for yourself

Now, to go find yet ANOTHER Yellow for next week. Ugh...
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