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17 June 2012 @ 09:03 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 25  

Week Twenty Five:

Unmellow Yellow

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OutfitApril - Easter Outfit by Caverna Obscura SLURL
Pose Pixel Whipped Pose - Hula Hoop (Female) (Hoop included) Marketplace only
SimOff the Wall SLURL

Found this week’s outfit easily enough. It's not like I have much yellow and lucked out with this shade. Finding the SIM was trickery, as I wanted a fun brightly colored sim to explore. Mostly as a counter effect to something that happened last year. I finely found Off the Wall and set off! And BOY is it bright and colorful!

Click to see bigger

Large oversized flowers, large oversized balloon critters and all kinds of other brightly colored nonsense scattered about. According to the "about land" tab there is a treasure hunt, but last week I had a migraine for most of it, so I didn't bother tracking it down.

Click to see bigger

There sim also houses two stores full of the fun weirdness that you can only get in Secondlife. One has avatars in them the other stuff like a gun that shoots flowers

As I said I wasn't up to par last week, so I didn't spend a LOT of time in the sim. So I didn't experience it as fully as I could be. Or take as many photos as usual, but what I did take is seen here.

I'm doing MUCH better now for the record.

Next weeks will be a day or two late. I'm going to Oklahoma City to have a day being an Urban fairy with my OKRF fae. Why? June 24th Is FAIRY DAY!!
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