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18 August 2008 @ 02:49 pm
Forest of Chakryn  
I have spent the past SEVERAL hours on a sim I was told about over in second_lifers by faerie_h in this post

I was bored and lonely and the treasure hunt sounded like a bit of fun. I was really not prepared for the amazing place I was about to enter.

This sim is utterly amazingly stunningly breathtaking. A place of dreams, but there it is on my computer. Realized in stunning detail. It's a place I wish existed in real life. So lovely. And full of so many interesting nooks and secrets to find! I've gotten a few ideas for my own sim from it in fact.

But I'm sure what you all want to see is the photos I took of this place! So I will start. But first a teaser image!

First lets look at the sim from a distance. Before delving into the devineness it is inside. I forgot to note which direction I was facing while taking these so, you'll just have to go and find out yourself.

Photo one Photo two Photo Three Photo four Photo Five Photo Six Photo seven Photo Eight Photo Nine

Now that you've seen the outside. Lets...land and step inside. I picked a landing spot near to the middle. And after the place rezed I just was amazed. There was a stunning waterfall! A huge one in fact. I look about just amazed and then set off to start the quests that brought me there.

I Found the Water Elemental Got the note card about the quest and set off to find the items. The water elemental is just amazing, it shimmers and flows. Very lovely.

The first one was near some lovely chairs. Only I forgot to get a shot of the jar itself. Took a few tries to "buy" the item but I eventually got it. Got two in fact, one to give back to the elemental and one to keep as a souvenir. The view from the chairs was also very interesting. No idea WTF this thing is. But it was interesting and made a kind of "Whooommm Whooomm" sound.

Next I had to find a crystal which was in a pond with a splash pose ball. So I played with that some.

Took it back and after some fusing with location I got them in placed. Then a beautiful animation happened as I received my "gift". Which was this orb thing I wear and it surrounds me and flickers in colors. And I totally forgot to get any shots of that.

Off to find the Fae Altar now! Which I found near the waterfall I started at.. Got the note card and set off to find the four needed items. The post that led me here said something about a rabbit hole so I went off to find it.

And I did. Why hello there white rabbit! I wasn't expecting YOU. Just a normal rabbit. And you can see the entrance to his "hole" up in the left corner of the photo. And what's inside it? A stand with a hat and a few other items, and a very large Pop up book. And the popup book has POSES in it. I had some fun with it. Must go back in an Alice outfit with friends. HEY ADO!!! Want to be my white rabbit? Or would you rather be the hatter? *giggles* Because doing this one alone was not as much fun as it will be with more then one. There's more then one ball!

I took the fall down the hole, and after getting turned around for a bit I found the tunnel, to the underwater forest area. And what's there? Why Audrey two! Who was saying Feed me. So.. I let him try, but I guess he wasn't hungry, I survived. I found the leaf that was in this area and then climbed out.

Climbed up a hill and found the mushroom near some..well it had been treasure, its clearly gone now! Then I climbed up over the rest of the mountain. OMG the view! I was up above the waterfall. And then I fell behind it. In fact I am in this photo, just behind the water.

As I was climbing out of the falls I found a hidden spot! I'm not really sure what this area was but it was interesting. Had some photos. a Silver thing that said its a music box but I couldn't get it to work. May go back to see if its an item I can "buy" or not. There where a few pose balls and two of them looked out. This is the view from the inside of the falls.

After that I went and found the other items. In not very remarkable places. On a rock and on a tree. One took me FOREVER to find. But Found them I did. And headed back to the fae Altar to return them. Once again with a neat animation when the reward is given. That I was ready for this time so got more then one shot! The prize this time was a lovely circlet.

With the quests over I just started roaming the sim. I found a meeting rug with a book on it. on top of one of the mountains. Near it was a box with a necklace in it! Shot of it later.

In my wandering I noticed someone in the distance. Got closer and HEY it's Tearsong!! She looks lovely here in a blue fairy outfit. And it was a lovely surprise finding her. We chit chat and then I offer to help her get the quest items. She agrees and we set off to do that.

First off back to the underwater forest. I get a few more shots while down there. Including one of what it looks like JUSt under the surface...I thought I got more then two down there..doh me.

Anyway. after there we go get the others. While doing that we run into a couple of people in some amazing bear avatars.. Very lifelike. She gets the items and we head to the Elemental first. Look I was expecting the animation this time! Then it was off to the Fae Altar as well.

Shortly before she had to go we ran into a group of three scantily clad women, speaking in a foreign language I couldn't identify. But they also spoke some English and said hello and commented on our fairyness. It was fun in its way. I really felt at home and very fae like in this forest and their comments just made me feel good.

Tearsong had to go so I went back to my photo taking and exploring. Next stop. the wagon! I've seen this one in the past. Heck I own this one! It's got tons of neat animations I want to play with later with Ado and Adar.

Went walking over the largest mountain. And then fell inside it!! Wow a room! It's filled with all kinds of neat things. A clear slide thing A small mill scene and I do mean small! This is what the blue line is. Water! Going down into the room. and for some reason its got a small fire in a corner.

I fly out and just start flying about. Got this shot of the wagon. And then found this bee statue! Which is apparently a shrine to the sim owner. IN a small box behind the ferns I find another circlet! . I like this one better then the other one in fact. I turn around and notice I am RIGHT above the water elemental now!.

I wander more, stop to chill on a pose ball near the river. Then I get it into my head to pull out some of my air dance animations and dance on the air in this amazing forest. So that's what I do. However getting photos of that in a decent pose became hard. But I tried. Several times In fact.

Then I just started wandering. And finely felt I was ready to make the post about it. Which meant leaving or else I'd find MORE things to take photos of. There's just so many neat things. Pose balls, animals, surprises. So lovely.

Oh and one of the most amazing thing about this place? It's an OPEN SIM area. Not a full sim. The person that designed the sim, who is not the owner, used a TON of sculpies and stuff so that trees are only one prim each! He usually does a custom builds, but he does have a few items on slex . I am so getting some of his trees for my forest area!

After visitng this place I SO want to have a few quests on my land. Just have to find the right scripts and make the items. I'm slowly getting into building. I've got a butterfly half made as a fishing prize. I just have to get it animated. I have a thing to make the scripts its just doing it already. It's going to be the base of a whole flock of butteflies. Most very simple but I want to make a complicated jelwed one as well. As a SUR. And along with the butterflies I plan to make some Fairy fish as well.

But back to the quest. Need to get the scripts as I said and make the items. That would also mean figureing out what the items should be! Both to quest for and the reward! If I can find the scripts i think I'll have at least three of them. One in the garden, one in forest and one underwater. Anyoone got ideas of what the items should be?

I can't wait till I get my sim on Thursday!

Also I am SO bringing Ado, Adar, Lividia and anyone else that wants back to this place! It's amazing. If you want to go with out me the Surl is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chakryn/115/126/21 But I really hope you go with me!!
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faerie_hfaerie_h on August 19th, 2008 01:28 pm (UTC)
Wow Softpaw what a wonderful fae you make.

And what a memory too. When I come to blog about something I can't remember half the stuff I saw.

Did you try looking at the forest with different viewer presets? The Gelatto preset is just magical in Chakryn.
Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlife: Swingsoftpaw_sommer on August 19th, 2008 03:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm usually seen traipsing about secondlife in that form, just the gown varies.

For my memory. I take a lot of "tourist photos" to help it when I'm in a place I want to remember. Like Chakryn! In RL I grew up as an army brat so I got used to taking photos a LOT of photos. It's crossed over into Secondlife now. Most of mine are very common place and nothing spectacular like some of the ones I saw on your flicker photo stream.

And...I haven't a clue how to do the different viewer Presets.