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05 August 2012 @ 02:15 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 32  

Week Thirty Two:


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Outfit Fancy fairy Sun Fairy SLURL
Jewelry Zuri Rayna Aloha in Pearls, Elite~Petal/Metal Change SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Juliette SLURL
Pose [LAP] Gown with the Wind SLURL
SimMysterious Dream SLURL

I thought I had this color in the bag, thinking I had a Jonquil themed outfit. Nope! It's narcissus. But thankfully I had this gown, which is so many shades of yellow the right one is in it someplace! Then I randomly decided that an over the shoulder back view of it would make an interesting photo. The hardest part was getting the wings to not be in the way! And while I am in so much love with nearly all of Zuri's jewelry, I wish I could turn them off of full bright!

For the sim I chose one that I've been at, started, got distracted before I could settle down and explore, gave up on due to no time..well this happened a few times. So this time I was determined! It had changed some, gone was a giant sized One Ring from Lord of the Rings, in was a forest. I dont know what other changes took place, I noticed that one though.

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It's one of those lovely "water sims" that people like to make, with quirky builds and landscaping, and the land JUST under the water level. It had a nice windlight setting as well.

It had a lot of shimmery items that I just love, like the beaded curtains in the stone arch circle thing. And the star dangles coming down from the tree. Which is why I chose to have th photo for this week taken in front of one.

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It has lots of things to play on, I quite enjoyed my time exploring. Not sure if I found everything, I found oly one sky platform. there may be others, I'm not sure. And as its a place that clearly chagnes from time to time, visits back are going to be worht it.

All of my photos of Mysterious Dream are here
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