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Softpaw the Fae Kitty's Second Life Journal

SecondLife in a virtual rose garden

Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlife
28 March 1975
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  • softpaw_sommer@livejournal.com
I'll be referring to people by their Second Life first name in this Lj, but I know a lot of people reading this are used to me using different names..so to help clear that up, here's a current who's who..

Softpaw Sommer; Me, the Fairy cat extraordinar! Real lj at softpaw

Adar Rozensztrauch; My husband both in RL and SL and the best Indiana Jones Dragon out there. RL journal adar

Turlock Ort; Best friend, housemate, annoyance. Real LJ turlock

Ambrose Steampunk = fantastic Fairy Faun!

Items you will always see me wearing.

Avatar = Kinzart Kreetures House Cat with custom texture to cream by Remitost Belavidorico

Old shots will have me in the following Anthroxtacy white cat tinted cream with a custom matching skin and a Tail Made by me using several full perm items.

Wings = Vaengi, Dotty Butterfly Wings in Purple

Forehead Jewel = *Evie's Closet* Lumina Nymph - Pink - the sea Jewel prim with a custom prim version of the tattoo from Evie.

Glasses = Softpaw Glasses by ::: Krystal ::: Fine Jewelry *YES named for me!!*

Older shots will have me in Angela by Air

Custom Wedding ring made by me. It matches my RL ring.

If My husband Adar is in the photos he'll be in the following

Avatar = a mix of Kinzart Kreetures Central and Western Dragons
Hat =Indy Fedora Hat - Authentic Movie Replica

Wedding ring made by me to match his Real one.

and around 50% of the time you'll see him in his Indiana Jones outfit by Adventure gear.

If your here from Second life and don't have an account at the moment I have it set so you can leave a comment still if you want to. Just choose anonymous and remember to leave me you SL name!

Visit Steelhead

I in NO WAY WHATSOEVER have anything to do with the filth that is Softpaw magazine. I've had the name Softpaw for FAR longer then that magazine has been around. If I could find a legal way to make them stop using it I SO would. I've had this name since 1998, LONG before they used it.